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Friday, November 19, 2004

LANG & SCOTT Family Bible, England, New Hampshire & New York

Family record begins:

William Lang born Billsdale, Yorkshire, England February 2nd 1777. Emigrated 1802.

Catherine Scott, born April 3rd, 1789 at Mohawk village.

Jane Lang born Feb. 17th, 1806,
Henry Lang born April 22, 1808,
Mary Lacy born Aril 22, 1810, Oneida Co., Whitestown, N.H.
John Lang Dec. 9th, 1811,
Hannah Sept. 11, 1813,
William Lang born Aug. 14, 1815,
David Lang, born March 26, 1817,
Alice Lang born Dec. 30, 1819,
Jerome Lang born Aug. 7, 1821,
Charlotte Lang, born 1824.

The other side begins: Major Smith born_______, married Anne Clark, born Berkshire County, Mass. June 14, 1766, ...

Published 1859 Buffalo, New York by Phinney and Co.

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