Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Simcox Family Bible

The Bible comes with a provenance provided by Edna Liddle on a document from the 1950s attesting to the history of the SOMCOX family tracing their origins in New Jersey in 1795 to the birth of Anne Simcox on April 20, 1849. The Bible also contains some of this information handwritten inside as the picture shows. This Bible came out of an estate sale in Lock Haven Pennsylvania so part of the Simcox family ended up there In 1887 Emma Simcox married Robert McKeague and the Bible was purchased by them.

This Family Bible is for sale on Ebay Item number: 230255714417

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chenoweth Family Bible

The Chenoweth Family Bible is up on Ebay Item number: 330221570573. The Bible has three page of Family register were nicely filled covering births, marriages, and deaths of Chenoweth Family from 1844 to 1955. A few details are selected below [there might be some variations on the name spellings]:


A.M. Chenoweth and Nancy J Chenoweth was married on March 9th, 1865


A.M Chenoweth 1844 (Nov. 10th)

Nancy J Chenoweth 1841 (Dec. 20th)

Mary E[llen] Chenoweth 1866 (Aug. 16th)

Rebecca A Chenoweth 1869 (Jun. 29th)


Nancy J Chenoweth 1896 (Nov. 2nd)

Rebecca A Chenoweth 1899 (Mar. 29th)

A.M. Chenoweth 1915 (Oct. 15th)

Mary Ellen Thomas 1955 (Nov. 3rd)