Tuesday, November 30, 2004

FAMILY BIBLE: Brooks - Gray, New York & Massachusetts

A beautiful Old Bible printed in 1850 by the American Bible Society of New York, NY.

It contains three pages of genealogy for the BROOKS family.

There is also an Inscription inside the front cover to WILLIAM GRAY BROOKS from his Mother.

There is also a newspaper clipping about the famous clergyman the Rev. Phillips Brooks--whether he was related to this BROOKS family, I do not know.




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Friday, November 26, 2004

BIBLE: Thompson & Brown 1826

Vintage Bible 1826 Old and New Testaments-- Boston Pub. by Richardson and Lord J,H.A. Frost Printer Congress-Street .

Family Bible of Mary Thompson, given by her father Deacon Oaks Thompson.

James Monroe Brown born Aug 6 1798-
Mary Thompson born March 23 1800.

List of Browns children until 1890s and Wheelocks 1890s.

Note: I found the family on Ancestry One World Tree.

Mary Thompson Born: 23 Mar 1800 Hartford, Maine, married James Brown. Mary was the daughter of Oaks Deacon Thompson (born 31 Jul 1771 in Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts) and Hannah Bisbee

FAMILY BIBLE: Smith - Stringer, Pennsylvania

Old Family Bible printed in 1859 by Perry's Bible Maufactory of Philadelphia, PA.

The names of MILTON & MATILDA SMITH are engraved on the cover. There are four pages with genealogy for the SMITH family. Milton Smith married Matilda Springer, that is the start of the family line




Thursday, November 25, 2004

FAMILY BIBLE: Plum 1808, Ohio

Jonathan Plum Family Tree from Bible 1808-1855

This is an old family register from a large format bible.

The entries start with the births of Jonathan Plum who was born on February 8th 1808 and Sally Ann Plum who was born on September 20th 1816.

In the book that these were located was the following papers as well a Western Union from July 29 1880 about Mother dying signed M Putnam, a list of names and dates for Joe and Donald Eugene Smith, and a funeral Notice for a Capt.A.B. Putnam on June 4th 1875 near Helena Ohio.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

FAMILY BIBLE: Hoffman 1712

Very Old German-language Bible printed in 1736. There is a page of genealogy inside the front cover of the Bible with the last name HOFFMAN and the place of Oggerheim, Germany mentioned several times, along with Germantown, Pennsylvania (please see the pictures of this page). The dates of the genealogy go back to 1712.

BIBLE: Bearry - Cook 1842

John Bearry & Mahala Ann Cook were united in the bonds of Holy Matrimony May 14th 1842

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BIBLE: Read - Swisher 1838

Martin F. Read and Selitia Swisher united June 20th 1838

What beautiful calligraphy! See how it changes as the years progress.

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BIBLE: Lewis - Moore 1900 Kentucky

pre 1900 family Bible.

On the Marriage page, it shows Roger Vincen Lewis of Simpsonville, Kentucky (Shelby County) and Eva Henderson Moore of Fern Creek, Kentucky (Jefferson County) married on March 28, 1900.

On the Births Page, the parents and 4 children are listed - Roger V. Lewis August 12, 1874 - Eva H. Moore July 22, 1874 - Lola Katherine Lewis Feb 16, 1901 - George Perrin Lewis Aug 25, 1902 - Nora Francis Lewis Aug 9, 1905 - and Ezra Vincen Lewis June 19, 1911.

BIBLE: Maris - Millis 1826


1818 Family Bible Ephraim Billings of New Bedford

Bible Published in 1818 by M. Carey of Philadelphia.

Front page reads - This Book belongs to Ephraim Billings New Bedford. Bought of Samuel G. Armstong Boston in February 1822.

1797 Family Bible Daniel Whitcombe & Billings Family

Bible Published in 1797 by Mark & Charles Kerr - Edinburgh.

Front page reads - Daniel Whitcombe's Bible bought October the 1st 1800.

Inside page reads Daniel Whitcombe died Dec. 1804, then reads Ephraim Billings and Ester Billings There Bible.

Inside Bible are Billings family records on separate pages starting in 1766 & continuing to 1822. Also a small tin type & a few other pape

BIBLE: Cawley - Koch Family Genealogy 1851

Old Bible printed in 1851 by Joseph Longking and Published by Lane & Scott of New York, NY for The Methodist Episcopal Church. There are several pages of Family Records for the CAWLEY family



BIBLE: Deacon Family New York

Old Bible printed in 1816 by Collins and Company of New York, NY -- it is called a "Collins's Stereotype Edition".

There are family records for the DEACON family. On the Title Page it is mentioned that this Bible belonged to BENJAMIN DEACON.



BIBLE: Brontano - Wilson Pennsyvania, N. Jersey 1851

Family Bible from approximately 1850 and belonging to Adolphus and Priscilla Wilson Brentano.

Adolphus married Prescilla in 1851, and then married Amanda Warren in 1877 at Canton, Pa. This Bible was found near there.

I found no date of publication, but judging from the style and entries in the genealogy section, it would be reasonable to conclude the Bible was from 1840-1870, perhaps given as a wedding gift in 1851.

My figures have Aldophus being 29 when he married Priscilla, then 26. He was from Germany via way of New Jersey in 1849, and she from Pennsylvania.

Births recorded here include Abraham Kenney, Amy Kenney (Priscilla's parents?) , Adolphus, Priscilla, and Amanda. Also the Brentano children, Henry W., Aron and Amanda, then with his second wife, Henry M., Ida, Clarence and Katie. The deaths of four of the children are here, along with Aldophus' in 1906 at age 83.

Submitter: Georgia Brown (not connected to the family so no email given)

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

BIBLE: Rutter & Supernacht, Missouri & Ohio

This is an old 1871 holy bible with family history recorded in it & came with 2 photos. 1 picture has 3 men with a hog hanging, looks to be as if the are going to cut it open, the 2nd picture is of a baby boy in a coffin, name on back of picture looks to be (Jim Hocke).

Along with the 2 pictures there are 2 copies of In Memoriam of Mrs. Minnie S. Rutter

The bible belonged to Byron L. Rutter & Minnie S. Supernaht, they were married april 14th, 1875, in Kansas City, Mo.

They lived in lancaster, ohio, the write up from the paper when Byron Rutter died is also with the bible.

Publishers: Cincinnati: Hitchcock & Walden

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

BIBLE: Townsend Family, Ohio 1863

This is a Family Bible titled, "The Holy Bible translated from the Latin Vulgate," John Murphy Co., Publishers, Baltimore, Maryland, Copyright 1914.

The Family Records are filled out in the Bible, and contain both newer records from the 1950's, butolder records from the 1870's where someone has written "Mother's Family" are included as loose pages, and were stuck into the bible.

These Family Records are from the 1870's.

The names on the older records, "Mother's Family" written on top of them, inserted as loose pages into the Bible are:

Mary TOWNSEND, Butler, OH 1863,
Charles TOWNSEND b. Preble Co., OH 1868,
Ida Townsend, Preble Co., 1868,
Eva TOWNSEND Miama Co., OH 1870,
Harry TOWNSEND, IN, 1878,
William TOWNSEND, Darke, OH 1841,
Hester TOWNSEND Cincinnatti, OH 1840,

Iva TOWNSEND 1915,
Charles TOWNSEND 1916,
Mary Townsend SPEECE, 1949,

William TOWNSEND to Hester RHEGINESS 1862.

The Bible is stuffed with newspaper clippings & cards from the Ft. Wayne, IN area, of general interest & some pertaining to this family. It is a great piece of genealogy if this is your family!

FAMILY BIBLE: Susan Sawyer, Vermont

Antique (1885) leather bound King James Bible that contains the original owner's family history. Included in this family genealogy are the Marriage, Birth, and Death sections. Listed dates range from 1833 through 1909. Surnames of family members are Sawyer, Watson, and Blodgett. Family appears to be from Vermont.

Original owner, Susan Jane Sawyer of Peru Vermont, signed and dated the Presentation page with the date of 1886.

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Markham, Boardman & Quackenbush Family Bible

Vintage bible has family records for Markham/Boardman, 1836; Quakenbush/Lansing, 1842; Markham/Quakenbush, 1866; Savage/Markham, 1895; Neville/Markham, 1896; Sirrat/Neville, 1918 marriages as well as births for Markham and Neville.

Augustine H. Markham
Gertrude Boardman
Orsin Quackinbush born -- 1811 New York
Ann Lansing born -- Phelps New York
Anna - Markham born -- 1838 --
Florina/Lovina Quackinbush --
Louis? Markham born -- 1867 Ann Arbor?
-- Emma Markham born 1869 Ann Arbor
-- Markham born 1871 --
-- P. Markham born -- 1874 -- Iowa
Sara L. Markham born 1879
Lewis? A? Markham born Aug. - 1877 Ann Arbor Mich

Augustine H. Markham and Gertrude Boardman married May 14, 1836
-- (Orsin?) Quackinbush and Ann G. Lansing married Dec. 6, 1843

-- D. Markham married Florence G. Quackinbush Oct. -, 18--

Markham Boardman Quackebush Lansing Marriage Records

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Campbell Family Bible, Ohio

Campbell Family Bible , Death Entries , Charloe , Ohio 1798 to 1990

Campbell Family Bible

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Friday, November 19, 2004

MORGAN HUMASON ROOTS Family Bible, Connecticut

1859 Morgan - Humason Family Bible Connecticut


Wallace E Morgan Married To Jane E. Roots Of New Hartford, Connecticut March 14, 1867.

Ruth Betsy Morgan Married William J Humason At New Britain, Connecticut


Wallace E Morgan Born December 14, 1845
Jane E Roots Born April 20, 1851
Ruth B Morgan Born January 19, 1868 Warren, Connecticut
Georgeanna Morgan Born July 25 18??
Mollie Bell Morgan Born March 20 1871.


Georgeanne Morgan Died July 27, 1870
Mollie Bell Morgan Died December 8, 1884
Eliza Jane Morgan Died Jan 30, 1920 In Thompsonville, Connecticut [Brian's note - this is probably Jane E. Roots, wife of Wallace E. Morgan]

Brian's Research

1880 Census Place Morris, Litchfield, Connecticut

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Stanley ROOTS Self M Male W 62 CT Farmer CT CT
Ruth M. ROOTS Wife M Female W 41 CT Keeping House CT CT
Joseph B. ROOTS Son S Male W 33 CT Works On Farm CT NY
Ruth B. MORGAN GDau S Female W 12 CT CT CT
Chas' O. HILLS Other S Male W 33 CT Works On Farm CT CT

Source Information: Family History Library Film 1254101
NA Film Number T9-0101 Page Number 357A

1880 Census Place Washington, Litchfield, Connecticut

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Warren B. MORGAN Self M Male W 36 CT Farmer CT CT
Jane S. MORGAN Wife M Female W 30 CT Keeping House CT NH
Lillie E. MORGAN Dau S Female W 10 CT At School CT CT
Howard W. MORGAN Son S Male W 1 CT CT CT

Source Information: Family History Library Film 1254101
NA Film Number T9-0101 Page Number 352C

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MILLER & WEAVER Family Bible, Pennsylvania

This Bible is dated 1853. The owning family was the Miller & Weaver Family from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Some of the names are as follows:

Parents-Cyrus Miller & Hannah Weaver.

Children-Elizabeth, Mary, Henry, Louisa, Benjamin, Franklin & Fianna.

There is a bookmark, newspaper articles, and a copy of a will dated 1756. The will is for a Michael Baughman from Manheim in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

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MAYO Family Bible, Tennessee

Mayo Family Holy Bible from 1829 printed by D. Fanshaw in New York in 1829. It contains names and birth dates of seven different people, all last name Mayo and the earliest is from 1861.

Jabbith [Tabbitha?] Mayo borned [sic] Sept. 10, 1861

John Henry Mayo was born Feb. -- 1874

Mary Elizabeth Mayo was born Jan. 19, 1876

David Andrew Mayo was born March 23, 1878

Cornalia [sic] Mayo was borned June 14, 1894

Brian's Research: 1880 Census Place Belews, Gibson, Tennessee

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

William S. MAYO Self M Male W 27 TN Farmer NC NC
Tabitha MAYO Wife M Female W 29 TN Keeping House NC NC
John H. MAYO Son S Male W 6 TN At Home TN TN
Mary C. MAYO Dau S Female W 3 TN At Home TN TN
David A. MAYO Son S Male W 2 TN At Home TN TN
Charles B. MAYO Son S Male W 5M TN At Home TN TN

Source Information: Family History Library Film 1255255
NA Film Number T9-1255
Page Number 460A

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LEEKE & PEROGOY Family Bible 1827, Maryland

James Leeke son of Israel & Ann born Dec. 6 1795

Elizabeth Peregoy d/o James & Ruth Peregoy born Oct. 31, 1802

Family Record of Births

Samuel Kennerly Leeke s/o James & Elizabeth born Apr 17, 1825

Charles Peregoy Leeke s/o James & Elizabeth born June 10, 1826

Sarah Ann Leeke d/o James & Elizabeth born Dec 21, 1827

James Adgate Leeke s/o James & Elizabeth born Aug 10, 1829

William Henry Leeke s/o James & Elizabeth born Dec. 12, 1831

Albert John Leeke s/o James & Elizabeth born 21 Nov. 1833

Mary Ellen Leeke d/o James & Elizabeth born Dec 3, 1837

Luther Wilson s/o James & Elizabeth born 21 March 1840

Family Record of Marriages

James Leeke & Elizabeth Peregoy was married May 27th 1824

John Demuth Jr & Ann Leeke was married Feb 8, 1830

Joseph Peregoy & Alethia Leeke was married Mar. 15, 1832

James A. Leeke & Annie M. Webb was married Aug. 18, 1853

William A. Leeke & Margaret J. McCauley was married May 14th 1857

Benjamin E. Childs & Mary E. Leeke was married Dec. 2nd 1858

James A. Leeke & Elizabeth Hirckle was married May 29, 1866

Family Record of Deaths

Samuel Kennerly Leeke departed this life July 1825

Charles Peregoy Leeke departed this life Nov. 5 1826

Sarah Ann Leeke departed this life Nov. 27, 1838

Albert John Leeke s/o James & Elizabeth Leeke departed this life Aug. 2, 1834

Luther Wilson Leeke s/o James & Elizabeth Leeke departed this life Dec. 28, 1845

Elizabeth Leeke, wife of James Leeke died Sept. 1, 1865 age 62 years, 11 months in blissful hope of eternal life beyond the grave

Mother of Elizabeth Leeke, Ruth Peregoy departed this life Dec. 13, 1869 aged 93 years, 10 months and 8 days [scribbled notation unable to read]

James Leeke died June 16, 1885 age 86 years, 6 months and 10 days [2 obits and 1 funeral notice pasted in bible]

James Adgate Leeke, s/o James & Elizabeth Leeke died Wed. Oct. 26, 1904 at 7 o'clock, age 75 years, 2 months, 16 days [obit plus other newspaper clippings pasted in, one is for William M. Leeke]

Personal note: I believe this is Ruth (Gorsuch) Peregoy.

Brian's Research:
Vitals: Marriage Announcements Ordered by Bride (S-Z), Baltimore Co., Maryland
THIRLKEL Elizabeth - LEEKE Ja??ate 29 May 1866 LEEKE-WEAVER On the 06 Jun 1866 Baltimore Sun 29th ultimo by the Rev. J. W. Cullum, JA??ATE LEEKE to ELIZABETH THIRLKEL, daughter of William Weaver of Camden NJ, both of this city [Harrisburg Pa and Washington DC papers please copy]

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LANG & SCOTT Family Bible, England, New Hampshire & New York

Family record begins:

William Lang born Billsdale, Yorkshire, England February 2nd 1777. Emigrated 1802.

Catherine Scott, born April 3rd, 1789 at Mohawk village.

Jane Lang born Feb. 17th, 1806,
Henry Lang born April 22, 1808,
Mary Lacy born Aril 22, 1810, Oneida Co., Whitestown, N.H.
John Lang Dec. 9th, 1811,
Hannah Sept. 11, 1813,
William Lang born Aug. 14, 1815,
David Lang, born March 26, 1817,
Alice Lang born Dec. 30, 1819,
Jerome Lang born Aug. 7, 1821,
Charlotte Lang, born 1824.

The other side begins: Major Smith born_______, married Anne Clark, born Berkshire County, Mass. June 14, 1766, ...

Published 1859 Buffalo, New York by Phinney and Co.

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JENKINS Family Bible, Virginia & Ohio

Tintype portrait affixed to front pastedown endpaper, of an unidentified young man in a military uniform, Slightly less than 3-¼" x slightly more than 2-¼" wide
Ownership signature on front free fly of William Alonzo Jenkins

Family Records
William S. Jenkins, born Sept. 13, 1811, died Nov. 20th, 1884

Other Jenkins's include
Charles S.
William Alonzo
Anna Garnet
George W.

The following information is taken from the History of Gallia County (Hardesty,1882):

William S. Jenkins was born in Bath County, Virginia, September 13, 1811. He is a son of Daniel D. and Mary (Sively) Jenkins.

His father was born in Virginia in 1774, and came to this county with his family in 1815.

Mr. Jenkins and Cynthia Scott were married in Cheshire township. [Brian's Research: JENKINS, WILLIAM S. & SCOTT CYNTHIA married 04 Dec 1834 in Gallia Co. OH. Source: Ancestry.com's Marriage Records of Ohio 1803-1900] She is a native of this county, born April 1, 1812. Their children are:

Mary, born May 7, 1836, married Alexander D. Fraser, and resides in Nebraska;
George W., August 1, 1837, resides in Cheshiretownship;
Amanda, December 25, 1838, married to Rodney Roush, and resides in Cheshire;
Sarah Anne, November 27, 1840, resides in Cheshire, where she is married to Thomas J. James;
Charles S., May 3, 1842, resides at home;
Benjamin, June 23, 1845, married to Lucy Evans, and resides in Cheshire township;
William Alonzo, September 6, 1849, resides at home.

The parents of Mrs.Jenkins are Charles and Mary (Darst) Scott, who reside in the county. [Brian's Research: SCOTT, CHARLES md DARST, MARY on 10 Aug 1807 Gallia OH] William S. Jenkins was elected justice of the peace in Cheshire township in 1842, and has held the office ever since, his term expiring in 1884, making forty-two years of continuous office service.

Charles S. Jenkins, a son of the subject of this sketch, was a soldier in the late war. He enlisted in 1862 in Company B, 91st Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was wounded on the 19th of September, 1864, at the battle of Winchester, receiving a shot on the left side of his head. He remained in hospital until March, 1865, when he returned to his regiment and served until the close of the war, when he received his honorable discharge.

The father of Mrs. Jenkins, Charles Scott, served in the war of 1812. Mr. Jenkins has lived in this county since 1815, and has acquired a fine property of 500 acres. He has about fifty acres of coal land near Kygerville, in Cheshire and Morgan townships. His address is Kyger, Gallia County, Ohio.

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INGRAM & DYSON Family Bible, North Carolina

Dated 1857 ~ New York: American Bible Society ~ The Holy Bible Containing the New and Old Testaments, translated out of The Original Tongues; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised

The Family Record pages have Several Names for Family History and Genealogy for the Ingram and the Dyson Family

Thomas Ingram Married Mary E Dyson, August 10th, 1847

He was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1805, Dec 10th

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FRANCE & ESTES Family Bible, Missouri & Oregon

This is from a huge old family Bible that belonged to Shepard Forrest France and his wife Sarah Catherine Estes France.

The Bible measure about 11x14 and is very heavy with many nice old engravings and it still has one metal clasp though the second is gone. It was published by James S. Virtue, City Road and Ivy Lane, London, England but no date is given. It apparently dates to the 1860's or 1870's.

There is a family register for the France family with birth, marriages and deaths for various family members. It appears the family originated in Mingo and Shawnee in Bates County, Missouri and moved to Oregon. One of the daughters married an Earl H. Jory and lived in Independence, Polk County, Oregon while a son named Wilbur King France settled in Mikkalo, Gilliam County, Oregon. Eventually it appears that the Jory family died in Salem, Marion County, Oregon.

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BAKER Family Bible, Massachusetts

Printed by D. Fanshaw, for the American Bible Society. 1843

The Birth page lists the following Bakers:

Edward Baker, 1771; Delia Baker, 1779; Lovey Baker, 1781; Bethania Baker, 1784; Bathier Baker, 1786; Ruth Baker, 1788; Lemuel Baker, 1792; Polly Baker, 1795; Lucinda and Rose Ann Baker, 1798; Sarah E. Childs, ?.

The Death page lists: Sarah E. Childs; Ida F. Sherman, 1884; Evaline Childs, 1884; ? Bearse, ?

Bible found in Yarmouthport MA

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CHRISTMAN Family Bible, New York

1857 Bible with Martin Christman Family History

There are family records for Martin Christman b 10/27/1802 maried to Sally Salisbury b 12/21/1795

The Bible was found in Schoharie county NY.

It lists births for 7 children - 6 named. They include Spencer, Henry, Rachael Jane, Cyrenius, Jacob, James L and an unamed baby

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Family Bible Everson and Talley Family of Marcus Hook, PA and Wilmington, DE

This is an Old Family Bible printed in 1843 by H. & E. Hinney. This is the family Bible of the Everson Family of Marcus Hook, PA and Wilmington, DE.

One member of this family was Albert (Bert) G. Everson, who was a turn-of-the century major league baseball player. There are newspaper clipping tucked in the Bible recording his passing. One reads in part: "Born and raised in Marcus Hook, Pa., Mr. Everson gained fame on local diamonds as a player of unusual skill and was known familiarly to the public as Bert. In addition to playing for Marcus Hook, Media and numerous other teams in the county, Mr. Everson pitched in the Tri-State League and was in the major leagues for a time."

There is also Albert Everson's Commencement Program from his graduation from the Lower Chichester School District in 1884.

There are four pages of Family Records hand written in the Bible-- the first entry reads: "Albert G Everson and Hannah Talley was Married by the Revd Joseph Walker on Thursday the 10th day of Jany 1839 at Marcus Hook Del. Co., Penna."

Everson Talley Family Bible records

The actual marriage certificate is mounted inside the front cover of the Bible.

Tucked in the Bible was the membership certificate for Albert G. Everson in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows

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