Wednesday, November 24, 2004

BIBLE: Brontano - Wilson Pennsyvania, N. Jersey 1851

Family Bible from approximately 1850 and belonging to Adolphus and Priscilla Wilson Brentano.

Adolphus married Prescilla in 1851, and then married Amanda Warren in 1877 at Canton, Pa. This Bible was found near there.

I found no date of publication, but judging from the style and entries in the genealogy section, it would be reasonable to conclude the Bible was from 1840-1870, perhaps given as a wedding gift in 1851.

My figures have Aldophus being 29 when he married Priscilla, then 26. He was from Germany via way of New Jersey in 1849, and she from Pennsylvania.

Births recorded here include Abraham Kenney, Amy Kenney (Priscilla's parents?) , Adolphus, Priscilla, and Amanda. Also the Brentano children, Henry W., Aron and Amanda, then with his second wife, Henry M., Ida, Clarence and Katie. The deaths of four of the children are here, along with Aldophus' in 1906 at age 83.

Submitter: Georgia Brown (not connected to the family so no email given)