Thursday, June 02, 2011

Curran Lacy Eggleston McMahon Family Bible


1 Type-written Family Record w/ Nine PA & NY Birth Records
1 Hand-written Family Record w/ 7 US & Ireland Birth Records
(including wwi veteran Ambrose Curran, born May 1892)
1 Vintage Family Photograph w/ Nine Young Men & Ladies
3 Signed WWI Deployment Inquiry Response Letters - Edgar R. Kiess
(in response to M. Curran's inquiry about his son's return from war on July 5th, 1919)
1 Signed WWI War Department Adjutant General Charles Peter Harris Letter
(also in response to AG 201 Curran, Ambrose E.'s return from war)
1 Virginia House Rep. William J. Howell Hand-Written Political Garden Party Invitation
(w/ small envelope written out to Mr. Mike Curran)
1 Vintage Cloth 'CANDIDATE' Ribbon or Armband - Measures 2x8 Inches
1 Vintage Cloth 'MRS. JNO. CURRAN' Ribbon or Armband - Measures 2x10.5 Inches
1 Vintage Gloria In Excelsis Deo Religious Die-Cut Card / Book Mark
1 High School Junior Promenade Class of 1908 Philadelphia Dental College Program
(w/ fourteen family names & dance partner's signatures recorded within)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family Bible of John Ferris, East Hampton, Mass. 1860's.

The Family Record pages record 8 lines of Marriages,including John Ferris son of Richard Ferris, Margaret King daughter of Edmond King & Margaret Donohue Bally. Birth page has 5 lines, including Partick Ferris Sept. 1861, John Ferris Sept 1865, Thomas Ferris July 1867, Edmond Ferris Dec 1868 & Mary Ann Ferris Nov 1873.

Item number: 200595105708

Friday, February 18, 2011

McKay Family Bible

Marriages: Waldo A. Russell & Mary C.McKay June 16th, 1875
Waldo A Russell & Julia E Wallace, December 27, 1882
Births: Cora J. Russell, March 17, 1876
Mabel McKay Russell, March 24, 1878
Deaths: Mary McKay Russell, July 6, 2881 @ Concord, NH, Age 30 years, one month & 28 days, Waldo Russell, Jan 22, 1903, Concord, NH

Ebay Item number: 200576724208

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