Tuesday, November 23, 2004

BIBLE: Rutter & Supernacht, Missouri & Ohio

This is an old 1871 holy bible with family history recorded in it & came with 2 photos. 1 picture has 3 men with a hog hanging, looks to be as if the are going to cut it open, the 2nd picture is of a baby boy in a coffin, name on back of picture looks to be (Jim Hocke).

Along with the 2 pictures there are 2 copies of In Memoriam of Mrs. Minnie S. Rutter

The bible belonged to Byron L. Rutter & Minnie S. Supernaht, they were married april 14th, 1875, in Kansas City, Mo.

They lived in lancaster, ohio, the write up from the paper when Byron Rutter died is also with the bible.

Publishers: Cincinnati: Hitchcock & Walden

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