Friday, September 22, 2006

Family Bible SENSEMAN, GLEIRN in Pennsylvania

Register of the Family of Joel Senseman

Joel Senseman born March 17, 1812

Susanna Gleirn born Jan. 9, 1813

Sarah Ann Senseman born Dec. 12, 1834
John Senseman born Nov. 3, 1836
George Senseman born 1838
William G. Senseman born 1841
Henry Senseman born 1843
Michael Senseman born 1846
Mary Senseman born 1849

Susanna Gleirn died Oct. 17, 1884 age 71 years
Joel Senseman died Dec. 4, 1894 age 82 years
Sarah Ann Senseman died Jan. 15, 1905
George Senseman died Oct. 4, 1845 age 6 years
John J. Senseman died Oct. 11, 1906 age 69 years

William Senseman born 1841, died July 8, 1908 age 67 years
Henry Senseman born 1843, died Sept. 12, 1915, age 71 years

A look in the USA census records shows this family in 1860 and 1870 as Joel Senseman, born Pennsylvania,living in Silver Spring, Cumberland, Pennsylvania. His wife and children are also born in Pennsylvania. Try a FREE 14 Day Trial on to look for this family in other census records

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Senseman Family Bible

Joel Senseman Family Register starting with his birth in 1812 death 1894

Susanna Gleimm his wife born 1813 died 1884

Children Sarah Ann, John, George, William, Henry, Michael, Mary

Note: I found the family in the 1870 census for Silver Spring, Cumberland, Pennsylvania. Joel Senseman was born in Pennsylvania. Here is the list of his children and other family members:

Daniel Senseman born abt 1817 Pennsylvania
Daniel M Senseman born abt 1858 Pennsylvania
Francis A Senseman born abt 1867 Pennsylvania
Joel Senseman born abt 1812 Pennsylvania
Mary Senseman born abt 1849 Pennsylvania
Mary Senseman born abt 1856 Pennsylvania
Michael Senseman born abt 1848 Pennsylvania
Susan Senseman born abt 1827 Pennsylvania
Susan Senseman born abt 1814 Pennsylvania
Susan M Senseman born abt 1864 Pennsylvania

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Update! Fleming Hardy Bible of Peel County Ontario

Found! New info on the Fleming-Hardy Bible posted on in 2005

With's new Ontario Vital Statistics online I was able to find the deaths of John Fleming and Maria (Hardy) Fleming. Maria died in Brampton, Peel County Ontario. Maria was born in Meadowvale to Lancelot Hardy and Ann Wood. The informant was Robert Fleming.

John Fleming's death is also recorded in the Ontario Vital Statistics online. He was born in Scotland to Peter Fleming and Catherine Sinclair, both born Scotland. John died in Huttonville, Peel County Ontario

For more on this Peel County family, search Search Canadian Databases on the NEW! 14 day Free Trial available for the Ontario Vital Statistics plus much more

HAILEY, YATES Family Bible and Photos, Texas - Idaho


James P. Hailey born 1843

James B. Hailey born 1875

Leonora Hailey born 1879

Willie Lenora Yates born 1901

James P. Hailey died suddenly 1891 of heart disease in Texas

Rev. J. F. Pineon died 1900 in Texas, age 93

Leonora Hailey burned to death May 31, 1901

Willie Leonora Yates died 1903 age 2 years

Anna Yates died 1905 age 31 years

Sunday, May 21, 2006

ALBRIGHT - COBB Family Bible, Ohio

Silas Albright of Wayne County Ohio and Mary Ella Cobb of Wayne County Ohio married January 9, 1861

Mary Ella Albright died November 3, 1909

Silas Albright died September 9, 1908

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Robert S. Pearson Family Bible 1881

I found this Bible in an Antique shop near Barrie Ontario. The inscription reads "Presented to my wife Jessie Pearson by her loving husband Robert S. Pearson, Xmas 1881"

Robert S. Pearson to Jessie Barber, 4th daughter of John & Mary Barber. April 28, 1881

Robert S. Pearson to Hannah J? Watson, October 7, 1891

Walter George Pearson July 6, 1882
Robert John Pearson Sept 2, 1883
Nellie Barber Pearson April 30, 1885
Frank Barber Pearson March 8, 1888

Children of Robert & Jessie Barber Pearson

Arthur Stephen Nov. 11, 1892 son of Robert S & Hannah Pearson
Charles Watson Oct 7, 1896 son of Robert S & Hannah Pearson

I found Robert, Hannah and their sons Arthur and Charles in the 1911 Census Robert was born Jan. 1856 England. Hannah was age 50, born Ireland. Robert immigrated the year he was born, 1856. For more census records see All Census Records


Walter George Pearsonson of Robert S Pearson and Jessie, died July 31, 1883 age 1 year 25 days
Jessie Barber Pearson wife of Robert S. died March 27, 1888 age 31 years, 4 months, 19 days
Frank Booker Pearson, 3rd son of Robert S Pearson and Jessie, died 15 July 1888 age 4 months 7 days
Robert John Pearson 2nd son of Robert S Pearson and Jessie die Oct. 25, 1904, age 21 years 1 month 23 days

Nellie Barber Pearson born 20 April 1885
William Percy Bacon born June 7 1884 Aurora Ontario

Nellie Barber Pearson md William Percy Bacon Jan. 23, 1908 St Margarets Anglican Church, Toronto

William Eric Bacon b 8 April 1909 60 Galt Ave Toronto
Shirley Eleanor Bacon born Nov 6, 1911
Bette Jessie Lila Bacon born Nov 6, 1915, Homewood? Ave, Orillia

Then follows 4 marriages for BACON family, the children and grandchildren of William Percy Bacon and Nellie Barber Pearson. (1938, 1939, 1943 and 1970)

I found Robert S. Pearson's death on under Ontario, Canada Deaths, 1869-1932 > York > 1931. His middle name was STephen and his parents were Thomas Pearson and Sarah Pascoe. More info is available from the Ancestry records - plus his first wife's death, his children's births, etc.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Eggleston Family Bible


Children of James & Elizabeth Eggleston

James Watson Eggleston born 1817
Ellizabeth See Eggleston born 1820
Edward Eggleston born 1822
George Washington Eggleston born 1824
Henrietta H. Eggleston born 1828
Joseph A. Eggleston born 1830
Ellen Isabel Eggleston born 1833
David See Eggleston born 1838? shows James Watson Eggleston born 1817 in Barkham Connecticut to James Watson and Elisabeth Lee (should be SEE?) and dying in Lima Peru in 1876.

Also shown is James Eggleston born 29 SEP 1794 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut to Doney Eggleston & Pamela Denslow , died 22 AUG 1869 married Elizabeth Lee (should be SEE?) on 08 FEB 1816