Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Pinkney, Sturtevant & Philetus Sawyer Family Photo Album Wisconsin

Photo Album #39 The Pinkney, Sturtevant & Philetus Sawyer Family Photo Album
Civil War Era Pinkney, Sturtevant & Philetus Sawyer Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites) & intypes, circa 1860 & 1870s.

Surnames: Sawyer, Sturtevant, Pinkney, Hadley, Ellwsworth, Perkins, Flynn, Marden, Perkins, Falder, McDonald, Johnson [Civil War Soldier, US Senators!]

Locations: Wisconsin, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fowler Merchant Family Photo Album

Civil War Era Fowler Merchant Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites) & tintypes, circa 1860 & 1870s.

Surnames: Fowler, Merchant, Keach, Houghton, Lovejoy, Hewitt, Maloney, Tanner, Whitcomb, Sladden, Frazier, Comstock, Gray, Moseley, Center, Lee, Alexander, Fisher, Williams, Cottrell, Burgess

Locations: Cambridge New York, Connecticut, Washington DC

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Civil War Photo Album Mrs. W. D. Hanchette, Pennsylvania

Civil War Era Photo Album of Mrs. W. D. Hanchette CDVs & tintypes

Surnames include Hanchette, Bissell, Sigmund, Warren, Hirradale?, Doolittle, Knapp, Graham, Cottrell, Harding:

Locations include: Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Civil War Els Family Photo Album

Civil War Era Els Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites) &tintypes, circa 1860 & 1870s.

Surnames: Ells, Smith, Turner, Harley, Stanley, Ennis, Knowlton, Phelps, Comstock, Gaylord, Watrus, Rush, Rust, Rogers, Heath, Andress, davis, Boughton, Palmer, Spratt, Morse

Locations: Ohio, New York, Michigan, Ontario, Indiana

Monday, February 12, 2007

Civil War Remley Family Photo Album, Ohio

Civil War Era Remley Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites)

Surnames: Remley, McCrim, Cunningham, Broadwell, Rider, Traylor, Igasham?, Hopkins, Mason, Haines

Locations: Ohio

Inscription: Mrs. Maggie R Remley’s Album. Presented Sept 17th. 1864 by Captn. J R R

REM-1. Civil war officer with sword and full uniform. Writing in album “Capt. Joseph R Remley” reverse: A. Whissemore, photographer, Mansfield Ohio [Note from a CW enthusiast "The featured photo of the standing officer is, I believe really Colonel Hiram Miller of the 163rd Ohio rather than Captain Remley. The double-breasted uniform coat indicates a field officer (colonel) and not a line officer (captain)"]
REM-2. Writing in album “Mrs. Margaret R Remley” reverse- A Whissemore, photographer, Mansfield, Ohio
REM-3. Writing in album “James A. McCrim?” reverse – A Whissemore, Photographer, Mansfield ohio
REM-4. Writing in album “William T. Cunningham” front – W T C. Reverse – The Compliments of W T C to Mrs. M R R
REM-5. Writing in album “Bruce Remly” reverse – “for Bruce. Your Pa was 16 years when this was taken”
REM-6. Woman, cw period. Reverse – B F Baltzly, photographer, Wooster Ohio
REM-7. Writing in album “father Remley”
REM-23. woman. Reverse 2 cent orange George Washington Stamp, cancelled. In pencil “Becca Haines, Wayness, Ohio”
REM-27. writing in album “Amelia Ihgsham”? last name hard to read – I-ghsam. Reverse – Melissa Hopkins. One 2 cent orange George Washington stamp, cancelled
REM-31. writing in album “George Mason” reverse – George Mason
REM-33. writing in album “Nathaniel Broadwell” reverse – “Nathaniel Broadwell” Photographed by Van Loo & French, Successors to Charles Waldack, 24 Fourth Street, over Smith and Ditson’s Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio
REM-41. writing in album “Clara Rider” front of photo “Clara Rider” different handwriting
REM-48. reverse – Mrs. N. C. Trayler plus something else (initials?) underneath

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Civil War Era Fobes Family Album Massachusetts, New York, Illinois

See Civil War Era Fobes Family Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites)

Surnames: Fobes, Tucker, Curtis, Gilbert, Peabody, Spear, Blake, Mansfield, Bassett, Botton, Williston, Nilliston, Kimbal, Daniels, Sutherland, Schaffner, Keith, Towne, Low, Wilder, Holden, Whitemore

Locations: Massachusetts, New York, Illinois

List of photos

  1. Lt. Nathan Fobes, Scotland, Mass. Co. K, 3rd Regt M [?] [?], 2nd Brigade, 18th Army Coprs. 1864 [in Civil War Uniform]

  2. Dr. H. A. Tucker, Clairvoyant Medium, Broolyn, NY, August 1865

  3. Mr. Joseph Curtis, Boston. July 2d, 1862

  4. Mrs. Joseph Curtis (62

  5. Mrs. Samuel Gilbert (62

  6. Mr. Samuel Gilbert 1862

  7. Miss Sarah Peabody, Boston, 1862

  8. Miss Elisa Spear

  9. Miss Hannah B. Blake, (62

  10. Mr. Thomas Mansfield, Boston. Christmas 1862

  11. Mr. Philander Bassett, son of Charles Bassett, Seneca NY June 1st 1862

  12. Edward & Robert Botton, sons of Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Botton of Somerville. May 15 '65. Has 2Cent Revenue Stamp on verso

  13. Mary P. Nilliston? Willliston? Has 3cent Revenue Stamp on verso, thus can be dated 1862-1864

  14. Mrs. John Kimbal, Boston. Passed from Earth 1869, formery from Salem Mass

  15. Charles B Daniels, Holbrook Mass, April 24th, 1872

  16. Mr. Edward Daniel[s?][taken in Brockton Mass]

  17. Miss Alice W. Sutherland, Holbrook Mass. March 25, 1881

  18. Mrs. Edward Daniels, Holbrook [Massachusetts], 1873

  19. Dec. 23, 1863. Lieut. Colonel Louis Schaffner, Rock Island barracks, Ill. [taken in Civil War uniform of the 15th Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps. He is wearing the rarely seen officer version of the regulation light blue frock coat with dark collar and cuffs - which was sometimes confused with the Confederate uniform - instead of the more common dark blue frock coat]

  20. Mr. Joseph Heith/Keith, Albany September 28 '63

  21. Mr. Frank H. Keith of Philadelphia, July 31st, 1863

  22. Mrs. Frank H. Keith of Philadelphia, July 31st, 1863

  23. Fanny Towne, Daughter of Mrs. A. K. Towne, NY, July 3rd, 1863

  24. Mrs. A. K. Towne, New York, July 3rd 1863

  25. Mrs. James W. Low of Bergen NY, Dec. 29, 1856

  26. Frances Wilder Holden, 1863

  27. Mr. Augustus Whitemore, 1862

Friday, February 09, 2007

Civil War Era Dallas Texas Family Photo Album

Civil War Era Dallas Texas Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites) & tintypes

Surnames: Jancso, Floyd, Robertson, Slack, Peters, Atkinson, Caster, Carter

Locations: Dallas Texas, Kentucky

Civil War Photo Album Connecticut HAWLEY, SHERWOOD

See the Civil War Era Photo Album Hawley Sherwood Families of Connecticut

Surnames include Hawley, Sherwood, Hall, Van Gasbeck, Haywood, Schneider, Beers, Richards, Johnstone

Contains CDVs & tintypes

List of Photos

HS-1. Mrs. Anson Hawley (Francis Sherwood) sister to Polly
HS-2. Polly Sherwood’s youngest son Uncle Henry father + mother of Claudia
HS-3. Aunt Lizzie
HS-4. Claudius Hall – cousin [---?]
HS-5. Claudius Hall
HS-6. Claudius
HS-7. Cousin Lizzie
HS-8. Lizzie, Claudius’ sister
HS-9. Aunt Gertrude
HS-10. Uncle Henry Hall
HS-11. Uncle Abel (Sherwood) Hall
HS-12. Aunt Lizzie Hall nee Haywood
HS-13. Aunt Gertrude hall + baby Gertrude
HS-14. Gertie Hall
HS-15. Hawley
HS-16. x
HS-17. x
HS-18. x
HS-19. x
HS-20. x
HS-21. x
HS-22. Walter Sherwood – Polly’s nephew. Uncle David’s son, died in Libby Prison, Civil War
HS-23. Wheeler Hawley – Anson Hawley’s son
HS-24. Uncle Charlie Hall
HS-25. Charles Hall – Polly’s son
HS-26. Louie – Uncle Charlie’s girl
HS-27. Gertie
HS-28. Sofia Hall
HS-29. x
HS-30. x
HS-31. x
HS-32. Wheeler Hall
HS-33. Hawley
HS-34. (Van Gansbeck [?]) – Charles Johnston - brother
HS-35. x
HS-36. friend? Beers
HS-37. Wheeler Hall
HS-38. x
HS-39. Dr. Richards
HS-40. x
HS-41. x
HS-42. baby
HS-43. Claudius Hall
HS-44. Empty
HS-45. Uncle Sherwood (Polly’s oldest son)