Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maxwell Family Bible

The Family Bible Of Thomasina Maxwell. The Maxwells inscribed the Bible Robert Maxwell & Ellen Hutton Married Aprill 25th 1745 James Maxwell Born march 15th 1746 Thomas Maxwell Born Dec 4th 1747 and so on….

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Mitchell Family Bible

On the front page of this Family Bible is written C S /-1852 and below that 2.00. In the back there are inscriptions that I think say, - Births - Abiga L. Mitchell, wendsday july 20, 1885 1:30 a.m. Another Mitchell, I can not read the first name May 18, 1877. W.B. Mitchell Died June 26th 1901, Julia Mitchell Died July 4, 1923, 4:00 am. Seattle, Wash. There are more additions but I cant read them all.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Appelford and Lamburn Family Bible

This Bible was printed in 1756 by Thomas Baskett , printer to King George the second, This lovely bible contains a family record of the Appelford and Lamburn families who owned it between (Through recorded dated inscriptions) 1779-1792. John Appelford was the first person to make a dated entry of May the ninth 1779 telling us that this is his book.

Some other entries from the book are Charlotte Lamburn Her Book A Gift from Her Father~Stephen May 19 1782~Stephen Lamburn May the 21 1792~Many repitions of " John Appelford His Book~Stephen Lamburn Born 21 of May 1792~Sara Lamburn October the 25 1787"

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