Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wallace Family Bible

A Family Bible that was the property of the Wallace family is up for sale on Ebay. It starts with Robert Wallace , May 4th 1813. It ends with Robert M. Wallace December 28th 1947.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

1851 Brownell - Briggs FAMILY BIBLE Vernon Lockport NY

1851 Brownell - Briggs FAMILY BIBLE Vernon Lockport NY up for auction on E-Bay until March 24, 2010

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Ann Elizabeth Campbell born May 26, 19xx Buffalo New York

Benjamin Brownell born 21 Sept 1815
Catharine Brownell born 3 Oct 1818
Julius W Brownell born 9 April 1837
Josephine A Brownell born 6 Jan 1869?
Fayette E Brownell born 28 May 1848
Nellie? T. Graves? Brownell born New York City 1846
Annie D McMillan born Amsterdam 1864?
J--- Brownell born Amsterdam 1873
Nellie? Brownell born Rochester 1876
---- Brownell born Rochester June 18, 1873
Helen xxxx Denbrick? (Brownell) born 16 August 1853
There are more entries, the scan is rather fuzzy and hard to read

.. Brownell to Catharine Briggs Nov 12, 1835
J. A. Brownell to Nellie T Grange? Brooklyn, August 18xx
T/F E Brownell to Annie McMillan, Rochester March 8 1871
J. A. Brownell to Helen Vanderbeek Dec 11, 1871
There are many more going up to 1970 and a page of BIRTHS for BRIGGS - hard to read

Sunday, March 21, 2010


1789 FAMILY BIBLE for GEORGE LOGAN FAMILY up for auction on E-Bay until March 21, 2010

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George Logan born Sept 15, 1770
Margaret Ord born March 13, 1770

Parents of the following:

John Logan born May 30, 1799 died Feb (can't read)
Margaret Logan born May 27 1800 died 12 (can't read)
Elizabeth Logan born March 20 1802 died 2 (can't read)
George Logan born July 20 1803 died July (can't read)
Thos. (Thomas) Logan born April 19, 1806 died (can't read)
Mary Logan born June 5 1807 died 19th (can't read rest)
Jas (James) Logan born June 19 1808 died (can't read)
Searah Logan born Oct 21, 1809 died 15 April (can't read)

"Average age of the above 8 persons 81 years" in different handwriting

"George Logan son of John Logan of New England"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pease Family Bible

Family Bible circa 1830

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Walter Pease born Aug 18, 1787
Eunice Pease born Jan 1 1791

Arabella J. Morse m Oct 29, 1850 George [Pease?]
Henry W Pease & Sarah L. Davis md June 25, 1882
William H. Pease & Mary W. Simmonds married Nov. 25, 1875
Marica B Pease & George D Stone married ... 1, 1884/9
... and there are more marriages


Eunice Pease died March 30, 1849
Walter Pease died January16, 1870
Deaths of children of George & Arabella Pease:
Addie died March [not visible]
Horace died Sept 23, 1848
Persis died Oct. 12, 1854
John D died Nov 6, 1869
(more not visible)

This Family Bible is up for auction on E-Bay until March 22, 2010

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hyndman Family Bible

Family Record Marriages

William & Mary Hyndman married 17th October 1842

William Hyndman & Eliza [Lowry?] married April 17th 1846

William Hyndman & Mrs. Mary Brown Atkinson married march 1875

more marriages shown

Matthew J. Hyndman to Emma D Walker Jan 19, 1904

Monday, March 08, 2010

Perkins Family Bible

A Family Bible presented by Lewis Perkins To George and Ida Perkins Aug. 15th 1872 is up for sale on Ebay. I has a number of family records.

George B Perkins Married Aug 15th 1872 to Ida May Garison.

Ebay Item number:370343474991

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hawes Family Bible

This fantastic Hawes Family Bible is up for sale on Ebay Item number:380140103842

William Hawes born in Dorchester Oct. 23d 1772
Elizabeth Leeds born in Dorchester Jan. 30th, 1775
They were married at Dorchester July 13th 1806 by the Rev. Thaddeus Mason Harris The Births of their Children are as follows:

Gustavus William Hawes born in Boston July 4th, 1807 and christened by the Rev. Joseph MacKean
Sarah Elizabeth Hawes born in Boston January 4th, 1809 and christened by the Rev. Horace Holley.
Marcia L. Dunlap Hawes born in North Yarmouth Feb'y 18th, 1818
Clarissa Hawes born in Westbrook March 22th, 1820.
Joseph Hawes born in Northyarmouth March 17, 1822
Mary Goold Hawes born in Northyarmouth January 31th, 1824.
Matilda Hawes born in Northyarmouth, May 19th, 1832
Elizabeth Rufswurm? Hawes born in Nyarmouth Oct. 28th, 1835
Elizabeth Hawes died February 7, 1812 Aged 37 years & eight days
Susan W. Goold born in Weymouth December 18th, 1787
William Hawes's Second Marriage to Susan Rufswurm? May 4th, 1817 in Northyarmouth by Reverend Otis Briggs
Sarah E. Hawes Married to Richmond L. Cutter January 4th, 1830 in North Yarmouth by Rev. Alonzo King
Susan Blanchard Died Feb. 12th, 1830 aged 21 years.
James H. Blanchard married Eliza Ann Wood at Church Hill, Mississippi March 16th, 1843 by Rev. James A. Rox
Marcia Scott Dunlap Hawes Robinson died May 10th, 1855
William Hawes dyed May 23, 1832 aged four days.
Marcia L.D. Hawes Married Dr. L. Robinson Sept. 13th, 1837 Married by Rev. David Shapley
Gustavus William Hawes Died at Alton, Illinois Jan. 6th, 1840 aged 32 years & 6 months.

Joseph Hawes family Wm. Hawes Children
Josefa Arosemena Born at Panama New Granada March 12th, 1837
Joseph Hawes married to Josefa Arosemina in Panama August 14th 1854 by Bishop Barera
The Births of their Children were as follows viz:
Catalina Isabel Maria Hawes born in Panama on April 30th, 1856
Eliza Carolina Hawes born in Portland, Maine September 13th, 1857 and died April 11th 1858 aged 7 months and 4 days
Gustavus William Hawes born in Panama, N.G. June 6th, 1859.
Clarissa Hawes died at Spring Hill, Adams Co., Mississippi, Oct.22nd, 1859.
Joseph Hawes died in Panama N. Granada on April 14th, 1862, aged 40 years.
Matilda Hawes (Wood) died at Madison, Maine Feb. 5th, 1864, aged 37 years.

Children of Joseph & Sarah Hawes Born in Dorchester
Sarah Hawes was born July 5th, 1767
Sarah Hawes was born January 27th, 1769
Joseph Hawes was born October 26th, 1770
William Hawes was born October 23rd, 1772
John Hawes was born August 31st, 1774
Betsy Hawes was born May 7th, 1777
Phineas Hawes was born March 17th, 1780
Matilda Hawes was born November 10th, 1781
Caleb Hawes was born September 8th, 1783
Clarissa Hawes was born May 26th, 1789
Rebecca Hawes was born September 8th, 1792

Mrs. Sarah Hawes Died December 8th, 1800, aged 54 years
Mr. Joseph Hawes died November 5th, 1804, aged 59 years
Deaths of their children are as follows:
Sarah Hawes died March 27th, 1768, 8 years 8 months
Joseph Hawes died October 14th, 1808, 38 years
Rebecca Hawes died September 9th, 1792, age 1 dayClarissa Hawes died September 9th, 1792, age 3 years
Caleb Hawes died November 6th, 1792, aged 9 years
Phineas Hawes died at the Bay of Honduras September 20th, 1810, aged 30 years
John Hawes died June 26th, 1813, aged 39 years.
Matilda Farrow Died in New York Oct. 2th, 1818, aged 37 years.
William Hawes died in North Yarmouth, Maine Sept. 6th, 1842
Sarah Hawes (Smith) died at Dorchester Mass. January 1859, aged 90 years.