Sunday, November 21, 2004

BIBLE: Townsend Family, Ohio 1863

This is a Family Bible titled, "The Holy Bible translated from the Latin Vulgate," John Murphy Co., Publishers, Baltimore, Maryland, Copyright 1914.

The Family Records are filled out in the Bible, and contain both newer records from the 1950's, butolder records from the 1870's where someone has written "Mother's Family" are included as loose pages, and were stuck into the bible.

These Family Records are from the 1870's.

The names on the older records, "Mother's Family" written on top of them, inserted as loose pages into the Bible are:

Mary TOWNSEND, Butler, OH 1863,
Charles TOWNSEND b. Preble Co., OH 1868,
Ida Townsend, Preble Co., 1868,
Eva TOWNSEND Miama Co., OH 1870,
Harry TOWNSEND, IN, 1878,
William TOWNSEND, Darke, OH 1841,
Hester TOWNSEND Cincinnatti, OH 1840,

Iva TOWNSEND 1915,
Charles TOWNSEND 1916,
Mary Townsend SPEECE, 1949,

William TOWNSEND to Hester RHEGINESS 1862.

The Bible is stuffed with newspaper clippings & cards from the Ft. Wayne, IN area, of general interest & some pertaining to this family. It is a great piece of genealogy if this is your family!