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Vermont BIBLE with Hyde genealogy 1812

Vermont BIBLE with Hyde family genealogy 1812

Owner label on front pastedown endpaper:

June 1st 1813
Information on FAMILY RECORD pages:

Silas & Philura Hyde
Married July 9, 1810

Silus Hyde born July 3rd. A.D. 1788
Philura Hyde born Dec/ 15th, A.D. 1787
Christopher Columbus Hyde born Dec. 18th, 1811
Delia Hyde born March 6th 1813
Marquis De Salvo Hyde born Dec. 28th, 1815
Emmett Winchester Hyde born July 12th, 1817
Ovid Allen Hyde born May 10th, 1819

Delia Hyde died March 17th, 1813
Silas Hyde died April 18th, 1851
Marquis De Salvo Hyde died August 24th, 1861
Christopher Columbus Hyde died 30 October 1863
Philura Hyde died October 11th, 1870
Emmett Winchester Hyde died October 28th, 1890
Ovid Allen Hyde Sept. 1913

Manuscript on first rear flyleaf:

Genealogy of the Hyde family on Mother's side

Jonathan Hyde came from England about 1639
Jonathan Hyde Jr. was born Feb 1st 1655
James Hyde son of Jonathan Jr. born in Newton Mass, April 20th 1688
Jabez Hyde son of James Hyde born May 22d 1716
Jabez Hyde Jr. (our Grandfather) on Mothers side) was born in 1750
He was married to Elzabeth Glazier Jan 25th 1770
our Grandmother died in Nov 1829
" Grandfather " " March 1832
They had eight children that lived to adult age
Eunice born July 26 1770
James " Jan 25 1773
Samuel April 16th 1775
Persis Oct 12th 1777
Paul Jan 13th 1780
Polly Sept 3d 1782
Henry May 15 1785
Philura Dec 15th 1787
Jabez Jr. Feb 10th 1792

More death records (Coffin plates, family bibles, funeral cards etc) at Ancestors At Rest.

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Odden Family Bible, New York

Odden Family Bible

This Bible is a bit of a mess - the inside page has what appears to be an inscription dated 1839, but there are so many entries written in different hands above and even over it, that it is hard to tell what goes with what!

This is what I think is the inscription, and probably the first item entered in the Bible

William Ja.? Odden
Grt. Chart Mill

Edmund P. Odden born in --- Mar. 14 1906 and died Aug. 7 1982

Alice Victoria Odden,
Wye England
Born May 24, 1869

Edmund Egerton Odden
Egerton England
Born in April 20, 1871
Died March 19 1953

Emma Louise Boone Odden wife of Edmund died Aug 27/68

George William Odden
Utica America
born in April 10, 1874
Died in Aug. 4, 1952

Anne Charllotte Odden
born in Utica America
August 22, 1876

Then we have a page with the printed Title of the Bible, and once again, a series of scribbled notations in different handwriting:

Alta Beatrice Champang, born Sept 5, 1907 Niles, Cayuga Co. NY

Frederick Odden
Born Dec 10, 1879
Richfield Springs, Otsego County NY
Then a squiggly vertical line and on the right side of that line:
Mattie Maud Odden
born June 6, 18..
Auburn NY

There is a lined piece of paper with the following:
Mrs. Caty Ann VanArsdale
died at 9:10 p.m March 29, 1893
age 74 years 3 mo 28 d
Text Amor 5th --
Our stay in death
Bereavement and resignation

Be sure to see the HUSK, ODDEN, PETERSEN bible on this site.

Found the Odden family in the online 1880 census for Otsego, New York:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Edmund ODDEN Self M Male W 34 ENG Butcher ENG ENG
Anna ODDEN Wife M Female W 37 ENG Keeps House ENG ENG
Alice V. ODDEN Dau S Female W 11 ENG ENG ENG
Edmund ODDEN Son S Male W 9 ENG ENG ENG
George ODDEN Son S Male W 6 NY ENG ENG
Anna ODDEN Dau S Female W 3 NY ENG ENG
Frederick ODDEN Son S Male W 1 NY ENG ENG

Source Information:
Census Place Richfield Springs, Otsego, New York
Family History Library Film 1254916
NA Film Number T9-0916
Page Number 435C

Find this family in more census records, also look for their immigration on ships passenger lists to New York between 1871 and 1874 (births of Edmund in England and George in New York).

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Norman S. Husk
Eliza A. Vanarsdale
Married Nov. 6, 1867

Frederick G. Odden
Pearl O? Husk
married Feb. 26, 1902

Frederick G. Odden
Hilda M. Lester
Sept 28, 1946

Melvin W. Peterson
Grace G. Husk
married Sept 16, 1913

Lena M. Husk
Died April 9? 1873

Norman S. Husk
died Aug 20, 1915

Eliza A Husk
died Nov. 23, 1923

Grace Husk Peterson died [blankl]

Pearl Husk Odden died May 3, 1943

Frederick G. Odden
Dec. 31, 1961

Norman S. Husk
born Dec 21, 1838

Eliza A. Husk
born May 14, 1845

Pearl O.? Husk
born Nov 12 1877
Lena M Husk
born March 20 1882

Grace E Husk
born Feb 3 1886

Frederick G. odden
born Dec 10, 1879

Melvin W. Peterson
born Dec 9, 18[blank]

Found Pearl Husk and her mother Eliza Ann and father Selover Husk in 1881 census online for Cayuga New York. Selover must be Norman S. Husk, and Eliza must be Eliza Ann Vanarsdale

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Selover HUSK Self M Male W 41 NY Farmer NY NY
Eliza A. HUSK Wife M Female W 33 NY Keeps House NY NY
Pearl E. HUSK Dau S Female W 2 NY NY NY
Julia TOBIN Other S Female W 13 NY D. Servant IRE. IRE.

Source Information:
Census Place Niles, Cayuga, New York
Family History Library Film 1254814
NA Film Number T9-0814
Page Number 231B

Find this family in more census records online

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Bible: John COBB, Massachusetts

19th Century family bible belonging to the John Kempton Cobb family.

The bible itself is King James version, published in 1845 by Luther Roby of Concord, NH. Contains both Old and New Testaments, plus Apocrypha, illustrated with several detailed etchings.

Of interest to the COBB family is the Family Record section between the two testaments.

Harriet H. Cobb (b. 1842)
Alice E. Cobb (b. 1844)
Laura Cobb (b. 1845)
Lemuel Cobb (b. 1847)
John H. Cobb (b. 1849)
Sarah F. Cobb (b. 1851)
Henry H. Cobb (b. 1854)
Eugene H. Cobb (b. 1856)

John H. Cobb (d. 1858)
Harriet Cobb (d. 1904)
Lemuel Cobb (d. 1910)

The last entry is for Lemuel Cobb. There are also newspaper clippings which identify this family as being of John K. Cobb. John K. Cobb was born in 1818 in Plymouth, MA, and married Harriet Rider, also of Plymouth, in 1845.

This family was found in the 1860 census in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts and included:

Name Age in 1860 Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Gender

Harriet Cobb 40 1819 Massachusetts Female
Alice C Cobb 16 1843 Massachusetts Female
Lemuel Cobb 13 1846 Massachusetts Male
John K Cobb 11 1848 Massachusetts Male
Sarah F Cobb 8 1851 Massachusetts Female

View this census image and find the family in other census years.