Saturday, July 30, 2005

Family Bible: Robert & Lydia Gray 1700s

The title page of this Family Bible contains additional information of interest:

Lineage of GRAY family, beginning with ROBERT & LYDIA GRAY, born June 2, 1761 and June 10, 1762 respectively, and married March 22, 1787.

Lineage of Gray family follows, last record being Susannah P. Gray, born August 19, 1803 and died February 8, 1872. This Bible was clearly passed down through generations as at least two and probably 3 distinct, though related, handwriting styles are apparent.

Note: I found Robert Gray on Ancestry One World Tree marrying Lydia Tufts in Massachusetts

Robert Gray
Born: 2 Jun 1761
Andover, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 5 Aug 1822 Wolfeborough, New Hampshire, USA

Parents Robert Gray & Abigail Chandler

Lydia Tufts
Born: 10 Jun 1762 in Menotomy, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 21 Aug 1801 in Dover, New Hampshire, USA Edit
Marriage: 22 Mar 1787 in Medford, Massachusetts, USA

Parents Peter Tufts & Anna Adams

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Carr Carlton Family Bible 1870

Family bible printed in 1870. The bible has the name Kate E. Carr engraved on the front. Also a hand written letter from the pastor titled "Marriage service at Bradford P.H. December 25, 1872.

The bible was a wedding gift to a sunday school teacher from her Sunday school class. There is also a clipping from the newspaper detailing this. The groom was from Salem, Massachusetts.

The family records lists the wedding Dec. 25,1872 and three births 1841,1846, and 1879 and the death of Kate E. (Carr) Carlton April 5, 1942

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Warnke Lottcher Family Bible, Minnesota

Warnke Lottcher Family Bible


Wilhelm Warnke born 13 April 1852

Anna Wenholz born 16 March 1856


Friedrich Löttcher born 10/31/1844 in Klevitz, Province of Brandenburg, Prussia

Auguste Rodeck born 5/21/1852 in Sichert, Province of Brandenburg, Prussia

CHILDREN OF Friedrich Lottcher & Auguste Rodeck

Amalia Auguste Selma born 8/7/1873 in Kelso Minnesota, She married Johann Kahrlon 2/25/1891 and she died 3/23/1904.

Maria Agnes Adalia born 4/25/1875 in Le Sueur Minnesota She married Friedrich Warnke 2/24/1903 (This is apparently the couple who entered the information in this bible His parents and Her parents are listed on top)

Anna Louisa Henrietta born 1/27/1877 in Henderson Minnesota, Sibley County. She married Wilhelm Lindke

Johann Gottlieb born 1/3/1879 in Henderson Minnesota, he married Anna Winhaus?

Mabel Sophia Katharina born 1/11/1881 in Henderson Minnesota

Karl August Friedrich born 12/20/1882 in Henderson Minnesota

Karl August Wilhelm born 9/16/1884 in Henderson Minnesota He died 10/4/1891

Albert Adolf born 5/19/1886 in Henderson Minnesota He died 3/21/1897

Mathilda L born 9/13/1887 in Henderson Minnesota

Louisa Eva Justina born 9/30/1889 in Henderson Minnesota

Helena Carolina born 5/29/1892 in Henderson Minnesota

Amalia Josaphina born 11/29/1894 in Henderson Minnesota

Martha Johanna born 1/24/1897 in Henderson Minnesota

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

NESTER Family Bible, Berks Co. Pennsylvania


A fine old 1800's family Bible that belonged to William and Caroline Mest Nester who married in 1878 in Boyertown, Berks County, Pennsylvania. There were two old paper items between the pages that may have been some sort of Holy Cards. Both in German and one of them a very colorful one that bears the date April 18, 1832, perhaps recording a birth or baptism. There is a family register section with a lot of family information in it. Bible is not in great shape as one might expect for an article this old.

William and Caroline had children named Daniel Henry, Caroline Agnes, Clara Nora, Jonathan Llewellyn, Menorva Hettie, Hannah Sumiah, Mary Emma, and Elsie Angelina.

Saturday, July 23, 2005



Holy Bible
Printed for Mathew CAREY
July 25, 1803

This one is large, very old and in poor condition and
printed on poor quality paper.

Note in this Bible says, "This Bible was purchased by my
Grandmother's (who was Esther F. RICHARDSON) father and
given to her as a gift.

(Shelley) LIE

She married James M. Shelley. 2 children born to them:


James Warren LeRoy SHELLEY

Family Record:


James M. SHELLEY and
were married Oct. 10, 1830

Note: I found James Manning Shelley on Ancestry One World Tree. He married Esther Richardson in Westmoreland New Hampshire. He was born 30 Apr 1806 Westmoreland New Hampshire to Barnabas Shelley and Lydia Cole. Esther was born in Westemoreland New Hampshire to Sevey ? Richardson


Esther Miranda SHELLY
Born July 4th 1833

James Warren LeRoy SHELLY
born February 19th 1845

born May 20th 1767

Esther ------ born
April ?9 th 1766 Tuesday
married Sept 6th 1787

Adonivum? J. Richardson
married Sept 7th 1825

Jhina? (no surname given)married
Novem the 26,1807

Mehetable married
February 2, 1811?

Julia married
March 5, 1822

Roxa married June 12, 1829

Married October
the 10, 1830
These entries are unusual in that they do not tell who these
people married, just that they were married.

Births (new page):

born June 3rd 1788 Thursday

April 11th 1790 Sabbath day

name blotted out
February 16th 1792 Thursday

Mehetable RICHARDSON born
April 23rd 1794 Wednesday

Meranda RICHARDSON born
October 22nd 1796 Friday

Julia Richardson born
August 31st 1801 or 2 Monday

Adonirum Judson? RICHARDSON
born June 26th 1805 Wednesday

Esther Fisher RICHARDSON
born Oct 3th 1804

Born Jan. 27, 1827

born August 20, 1828

Rena's only child Clarissa Ann WARES
born Sept 9th? 1808

Chandler Lovilla? SCOTT
born May ? 1810? Wednesday

Charles ----- SCOTT
Born May 17, 1814

Maria Anjinett? SCOTT born
April ? 1817

Juliann SCOTT born
August 11, 1819

George O. SCOTT
born Feb 9, 1822

Rena WARES death
June ? 1813 She was
25 years and 15 days old

Clarissa WARE died
April 27, 1823
in the 15 year of her age

Miranda TOWN death
Jan 10, 1829
She was in the 33 year of her age

William TOWN death July 12, 1860
(this whole line questionable)


Unkle Elijha RICHARDSONs
death March 26? 1898 in the 45 year of his age

death May 4, 1809
in the 74 year of his age

August 30, 1809
in the 74 year of her age

Dad? HIXSONs death
December? 9, 1809
in the 68 year of hi age

Mom HIXSON death
Jan 4? 1810
in the 64 yer of her age

Abijah ----- HIXSON
death the 21 of February
1813? in the 26 year of his age

Walter HIXSON death
August 2nd 1813? 32 year age

Sister Julia's death
Sept 2, 1775
in the 17 year of her age

My Mom's death
Oct 2, 1775
in the 41 year of her age

death August 3, 1812?

My Father's death March
21, 1816
in the 85 year of his age

Sister THOMPSON death
February 27, 1821?

Transcribed by Ruth H. BARTON 24 May 2005

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bible: Fleming - Hardy Genealogy

I found this Family Bible at an Antique Store in Fowler's Corners, Ontario. There was no location given in the Family Record sections of Births, Marriages or Deaths. It was in fantastic shape, I didn't buy it but a descendant might want it.

There was no inscription, but the Bible was published in Toronto Ontario. Maybe someone will recognize this family:

Births, Left side of page:

Jane Ann Fleming born November 27, 1866
Catherine Sinclair Fleming born July 9, 1869
Mary Maria Fleming born June 1, 1872
Robert James Fleming born February 13, 1876

Births, Right side of page:

John Fleming born November 17, 1841
Maria Hardy born October 29, 1844

I'm willing to bet that John Fleming married Maria Hardy and the children listed are theirs. The Marriage Register is blank.

Deaths, left side of page

John Fleming died May 7, 1911
Maria Fleming died May 2, 1917

Deaths, right side of page

Jane A. Fleming died January 19, 1926
Katherine [sic] S. Fleming died May 22, 1928

There were also 3 cards tucked inside the Bible:

Card 1 was a card from "The Methodist Church" and was a quarterly ticket for May 1893 signed "Mrs. J. Fleming, CWS"

Card 2 was a yearly membership card from The Methodist Church for the year ending May 1908 signed John Fleming

Card 3 was a yearly membership card from The Methodist Church for the year ending May 1908 signed Mrs. J. Fleming

There were no locations given for the Church Membership cards.

If you recognize the Fleming family, please post a comment here so I can add the information as to location etc for other genealogists.

Note from Brian - See my update as of June 2006 for more details on this Peel County family!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Carll, Hicks, Stevens, Barker Family Bible 1776

An American family Bible, printed in Philadelphia, with 4 pages of hand written family records of births, deaths, and marriage spanning one and a half centuries. The family tree is rooted in 4 individuals, with the earliest birth noted as 1764, the other 3 ancestors all having been born in the years 1775 and 1776.

The most recent entry was a death in 1914. Studying the genealogy, it would seem this Bible was carefully handed down through only a very few members of the same family, and seems to have almost certainly originated with a certain Ruth (Sanborn) Barker, who was born February 14, 1776, married to a John Barker who became a General, and survived her husband by many years, finally passing away on October 17, 1858 at the ripe old age of 82 years.

The genealogy traces its beginnings to a Benjamin Carll, born June 11, 1764 and died May 10, 1810, who had a girl child, Lucinda V. who evidently married a man named Hicks; also a Simeon P. Stevens born June 4, 1775 and died April 16, 1803, with a list of 5 Stevens born between 1794 and 1803, almost certainly his children. Information is also given on an ancestor, John Barker General born December 26, 1775 and died June 16, 1833, who was presumably the husband of Ruth Sanborn Barker. The Barker family carries on the family given names of the Stevens line. The Hicks line is readily traced to Benjamin Carll. There was a man named Benjamin Carll living in the Vienna, Kennebec Co., Maine area in the 1790s. The Bible also contains newspaper clippings and other scraps that seem to date between the 1850s and approximately 1895; in the last half of the 1800s, the Hicks family line seems to have been relocated to Riehland, Indiana and Harrington, Washington state.

The Bible is leather bound in a primitive fashion. This large Bible measures 9-1/4" x 11-1/2" and is approximately 3" thick, containing 770 pages, and appears to be complete. The title page reads "Kimber and Sharpless' Stereotype Edition - The Holy Bible, Containing The Old and New Testaments, Translated Out of the Original Tongues, and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, with Canne's Marginal Notes and References, to Which are Added An Index; An Alphabetical Table of All The Names In the Old and New Testaments, with Their Significations; Tables of Scripture Weights, Measures, and Coins, &c., Stereotyped by E. White, New York. Philadelphia: Published and Sold by Kimber and Sharpless At Their Book-Store, No. 8 South 4th-Street."

The first paragraph of the Dedication "To The Reader" contains a wonderful patriotic inference, indicating the newly formed American nation was still smarting from the effects of the Revolutionary War, and unwilling to give any allegiance to the crown of England, "As the Dedication of the English translation of the Bible to king James the first of England seems to be wholly unnecessary for the purposes of edification, and perhaps on some accounts improper to be continued in an American edition, the Editors have substituted a short account of the translations of the Old and New Testaments from the original Hebrew and Greek in which they were written."

The Dedication page goes on to list its resources and dates, indicating this Bible was published after 1784.

Family Records - Births

Benjamin Carll born June 1764
Simon P. Stevens born June 1775
John Barker born December 26, 1775
Ruth Sanborn born Feb. 14, 1776
Nancy Stevens born Oct. 4, 1794
Lydia Stevens born Feb. 11, 1797
Sarah Stevens born Nov. 13, 1801
John Barker born June 22, 1801
Lucinda Carll born Oct. 1810
Benjamin Carll Hicks born Apr 5, 1831
Steven W. Hicks born Nov. 21, 1838
Stephen P. Hicks born May 15, 1862
Lucy Hicks born May 17, 1864

Find this family in the US census! Using I found the following quite easily:

1870 census New York, Caldwell, MO

Benjamin Hicks [Benjamin Carll Hicks b Apr 5, 1831] age 38, farmer born Indiana White Male
Lolinda Hicks age 30 born Indiana White Female
Stephen Hicks age 8 born Indiana White Male
Lucinda Hicks age 6 born Indiana White Female

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cropsey Family Bible, New York City, 1838

166 year old family Bible at belonged to Mrs. Henrietta Marsh Cropsey of Clarkstown and Nanuet, Rockland County, New York.

It was published about 1838 by Kimber and Sharpless of Philadelphia. On one of the front blank pages it is incribed to Henrietta Eugenia Cropsey by her sister, Catharine Marsh and dated July 14th 1838, city of New York.

There is a later inscription on the same page "Marsh S. Cropsey from his mohter, January 1st, 1881." As Henrietta died later that year it is likely she intended to pass the Bible on to her youngest son Marsh Sanxter Cropsey, before she died.

On the inside of the front cover someone has pasted a clipping titled "Strange Bible Facts." There is a family register containing births, marriages and deaths.


~ James Marsh, son of James & Henrietta Eugenia Cropsey born 20 April 1837
~ Henry Eugene, son of James & Henrietta Eugenia Cropsey born 5 June 1840 at 1 o'clock, 26 Rutgins Street, City of New York
~ Marsh Lancester, son of James & Henrietta Eugenia Cropsey born 19 April 1849, No. 7 Laight Street, City of New York
~ Mary Catharine, daughter of Henry Eugene & Eugenia Cropsey born 26 [?] 1864, City of New York

Henrietta was married to James Cropsey and had three children. The first died in infancy and the second lived to be in his early forties but apparently never married. Marsh Sanxter [Lancaster?] Cropsey remained in Rockland County, New York and married. A Carrie Cropsey never married and died in Rockland County in 1974 at the age of 92. There was also a Wallace Cropsey.

When Henrietta's husband James died in 1895 someone entered his death date and stated "A good parent and a kind and affectionate husband and honest and Godfearing and loving man".

Find this family in census records

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Vass Family Bible, Hardwick Tp, Warren County, New Jersey

Family bible of a well-known Hardwick Township, Warren County, New Jersey family.

Published and sold by Daniel D. Smith, at "The Franklin Juvenile Book and Stationary Store", No. 190 Greenwich Street, New York; also by the principal booksellers in the United States.

The history of the Vass family can be found on the web and at NJ, Warren County, Hardwick Twp. historical societies, etc.

Originally immigrating to the U.S. in 1764, John Vass [Wass, German] married several times, fathered many children, and settled in and around the Blairstown - Stillwater areas, at White Pond [Lake]. He & his descendents were farmers; assisting in the development of the largest ice factory of it's day, in the area; and in the early development of cement.

Family Records:

John W. Vass & Julia Ann Hill married Jan. 6, 1859

John W. Vass Nov. 24, 1904/1914, age 84

Now what? Check for the family on US Census Records online

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Smith Family Family Bible 1816 Salem New York

1816 Illustrated Smith Family Bible

Bible from 1816 with Smith Family genealogy and a large 10x8 image of Sussanna Smith Ferguson. Comes from a Salem NY estate.

Hard to read, here is the best transcription I can do:

Eleazor Smith & Alice Dandly? Daudley? was married Feb. 22, 1795

Daniel Smith & Rachell? Hicks? was married Oct. 25, 1818

John McGibenny & Rosanna Smith was married Nov. 12, 1818

Hiram Smith & Mary [?] was married March 10, 1820

James Smith & Nancy M. Conway was married February 1824

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Holy Bible
with SHELLEY family vital statistics

Published: American Bible Society
New York

This Bible was in the collection of the Putney Historical
Society as of 23 May 2005.


James M. SHELLEY and
were married Oct. 10, 1830

Mary J. HEWETT, May 29, 1866
by Rev. Amos FOSTER

Leroy SHELLEY and
Flora P. BLOOD
Nov. 29, 1868


Children of James M. & Esther SHELLEY

July 4th 183? (last #is 3, 8, or 9)

February 19, 1845

Children of Leroy and Flora SHELLEY

Nov. 26, 1869

Mary Hewitt SHELLEY
April 24, 1871

Robert Roy SHELLEY
Dec. 21, 1876


July 31, 1898

Sept. 19 or 17, 1888

Esther M. SHELLY
Sept. 11, 1866

Nov. 2, 1891

March 19, 1867

Dec 7, 1910

James Walter SHELLEY
Nov. 4, 1924

Transcribed by Ruth H. BARTON
24 May 2005

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Greaves Family Bible, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A large old family Bible that belonged to Joseph and Clara Vickers Greaves of Philadelphia. There is a family register with births, marriages and deaths recorded for the family down to grandchildren and there is an oval wedding certificate for Joseph and Clara. The Bible also has a Family Temperance Pledge that has been signed by two members of the family.

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