Monday, March 22, 2010

1851 Brownell - Briggs FAMILY BIBLE Vernon Lockport NY

1851 Brownell - Briggs FAMILY BIBLE Vernon Lockport NY up for auction on E-Bay until March 24, 2010

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Ann Elizabeth Campbell born May 26, 19xx Buffalo New York

Benjamin Brownell born 21 Sept 1815
Catharine Brownell born 3 Oct 1818
Julius W Brownell born 9 April 1837
Josephine A Brownell born 6 Jan 1869?
Fayette E Brownell born 28 May 1848
Nellie? T. Graves? Brownell born New York City 1846
Annie D McMillan born Amsterdam 1864?
J--- Brownell born Amsterdam 1873
Nellie? Brownell born Rochester 1876
---- Brownell born Rochester June 18, 1873
Helen xxxx Denbrick? (Brownell) born 16 August 1853
There are more entries, the scan is rather fuzzy and hard to read

.. Brownell to Catharine Briggs Nov 12, 1835
J. A. Brownell to Nellie T Grange? Brooklyn, August 18xx
T/F E Brownell to Annie McMillan, Rochester March 8 1871
J. A. Brownell to Helen Vanderbeek Dec 11, 1871
There are many more going up to 1970 and a page of BIRTHS for BRIGGS - hard to read