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Sunday, March 21, 2010


1789 FAMILY BIBLE for GEORGE LOGAN FAMILY up for auction on E-Bay until March 21, 2010

Bid on George Logan Family Bible

George Logan born Sept 15, 1770
Margaret Ord born March 13, 1770

Parents of the following:

John Logan born May 30, 1799 died Feb (can't read)
Margaret Logan born May 27 1800 died 12 (can't read)
Elizabeth Logan born March 20 1802 died 2 (can't read)
George Logan born July 20 1803 died July (can't read)
Thos. (Thomas) Logan born April 19, 1806 died (can't read)
Mary Logan born June 5 1807 died 19th (can't read rest)
Jas (James) Logan born June 19 1808 died (can't read)
Searah Logan born Oct 21, 1809 died 15 April (can't read)

"Average age of the above 8 persons 81 years" in different handwriting

"George Logan son of John Logan of New England"