Monday, February 12, 2007

Civil War Remley Family Photo Album, Ohio

Civil War Era Remley Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites)

Surnames: Remley, McCrim, Cunningham, Broadwell, Rider, Traylor, Igasham?, Hopkins, Mason, Haines

Locations: Ohio

Inscription: Mrs. Maggie R Remley’s Album. Presented Sept 17th. 1864 by Captn. J R R

REM-1. Civil war officer with sword and full uniform. Writing in album “Capt. Joseph R Remley” reverse: A. Whissemore, photographer, Mansfield Ohio [Note from a CW enthusiast "The featured photo of the standing officer is, I believe really Colonel Hiram Miller of the 163rd Ohio rather than Captain Remley. The double-breasted uniform coat indicates a field officer (colonel) and not a line officer (captain)"]
REM-2. Writing in album “Mrs. Margaret R Remley” reverse- A Whissemore, photographer, Mansfield, Ohio
REM-3. Writing in album “James A. McCrim?” reverse – A Whissemore, Photographer, Mansfield ohio
REM-4. Writing in album “William T. Cunningham” front – W T C. Reverse – The Compliments of W T C to Mrs. M R R
REM-5. Writing in album “Bruce Remly” reverse – “for Bruce. Your Pa was 16 years when this was taken”
REM-6. Woman, cw period. Reverse – B F Baltzly, photographer, Wooster Ohio
REM-7. Writing in album “father Remley”
REM-23. woman. Reverse 2 cent orange George Washington Stamp, cancelled. In pencil “Becca Haines, Wayness, Ohio”
REM-27. writing in album “Amelia Ihgsham”? last name hard to read – I-ghsam. Reverse – Melissa Hopkins. One 2 cent orange George Washington stamp, cancelled
REM-31. writing in album “George Mason” reverse – George Mason
REM-33. writing in album “Nathaniel Broadwell” reverse – “Nathaniel Broadwell” Photographed by Van Loo & French, Successors to Charles Waldack, 24 Fourth Street, over Smith and Ditson’s Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio
REM-41. writing in album “Clara Rider” front of photo “Clara Rider” different handwriting
REM-48. reverse – Mrs. N. C. Trayler plus something else (initials?) underneath