Friday, February 09, 2007

Civil War Photo Album Connecticut HAWLEY, SHERWOOD

See the Civil War Era Photo Album Hawley Sherwood Families of Connecticut

Surnames include Hawley, Sherwood, Hall, Van Gasbeck, Haywood, Schneider, Beers, Richards, Johnstone

Contains CDVs & tintypes

List of Photos

HS-1. Mrs. Anson Hawley (Francis Sherwood) sister to Polly
HS-2. Polly Sherwood’s youngest son Uncle Henry father + mother of Claudia
HS-3. Aunt Lizzie
HS-4. Claudius Hall – cousin [---?]
HS-5. Claudius Hall
HS-6. Claudius
HS-7. Cousin Lizzie
HS-8. Lizzie, Claudius’ sister
HS-9. Aunt Gertrude
HS-10. Uncle Henry Hall
HS-11. Uncle Abel (Sherwood) Hall
HS-12. Aunt Lizzie Hall nee Haywood
HS-13. Aunt Gertrude hall + baby Gertrude
HS-14. Gertie Hall
HS-15. Hawley
HS-16. x
HS-17. x
HS-18. x
HS-19. x
HS-20. x
HS-21. x
HS-22. Walter Sherwood – Polly’s nephew. Uncle David’s son, died in Libby Prison, Civil War
HS-23. Wheeler Hawley – Anson Hawley’s son
HS-24. Uncle Charlie Hall
HS-25. Charles Hall – Polly’s son
HS-26. Louie – Uncle Charlie’s girl
HS-27. Gertie
HS-28. Sofia Hall
HS-29. x
HS-30. x
HS-31. x
HS-32. Wheeler Hall
HS-33. Hawley
HS-34. (Van Gansbeck [?]) – Charles Johnston - brother
HS-35. x
HS-36. friend? Beers
HS-37. Wheeler Hall
HS-38. x
HS-39. Dr. Richards
HS-40. x
HS-41. x
HS-42. baby
HS-43. Claudius Hall
HS-44. Empty
HS-45. Uncle Sherwood (Polly’s oldest son)