Saturday, June 19, 2004

CULLEN Family Bible, New York

This Catholic family Bible contains family records pertaining primarily to the Cullen surname. Also included are an envelope and an obituary. The Bible belonged to Thomas and Ellen Maher, whose names appear on the cover, and was present at the purchase of a house on Maxian Road in Binghamton, NY, where it remained for approximately fifty years.

Mary and Michael Cullen married Feb. 4, 1890
Maggie and Thomas Kabor/Kuhn married Feb. 16, 1890

Baby born Oct. 19, 1891
Eddie Cullen born Feb. 23, 1892
Maria Kabor/Kaher/Kuhn born May 19, 1871?
Thomas Maher born Feb. xx 1866
Michael Cullen born Jan. 8, 1865
Mary Cullen born Jan xx 1895
Michael Thomas Cullen Apr. 20, 1897
Helen Cullen born Dec. 14, 1899
Edna Cullen born Dec. xx 1900?
Agnes Cullen born Jan. 23, 1901
Catherine Cullen born Nov. 3, 1908
Thomas Cullen born xxx 1910
James? Cullen born May 25, 1913
Daisy Viola Wormuth born March 3, 1898
Edward Oscar Cullen born April 2 1919

Ellen Mahar died Feb. 11, 1889
Baby died Oct. 19, 1891
Helen Cullen died [rest is blank
Edna Cullen June [rest is blank]
Catherine Cullen July 16, 1922
Marie Cullen Aug. 21, 1927

Postmarked Binghampton NY Aug 11, 1927
Addressed to Mr. Michael Cullen
218 Henry St

Newspaper Clipping
Obituary for death of Helen, child of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cullen

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