Friday, April 16, 2004

Levengood & Binder Family Bible, Pennsylvania

This family bible has the inscription "Presented to Miss Georgiana Binder" by "Pottstown PA...October 10, 1884".

Next is a record of Births and Marriages (on front and back). The births page is filled in in elaborate calliagraphic style writing, and reads as follows:

"Herbert B. Levengood, was born on Apil 26th, AD 1896, in L. Pottsgrove Tp. Montg. Co. Pa, Baptized in Infancy by Rev'd, LK Evans. Sponsers, the Parents.
Florence Mabel Levengood, was born on January 16th, 1899,Pottsgrove Tp. Montg. Co. Pa,
Mary Elizabeth Levengood, Was born on June 23, AD 1900, Pottsgrove Tp. Montg. Co. Pa.

The marriage side reads as follows:

"Marriages: William B. Levengood, Son of Pharez K. Levengood and his Wife, Louisa g. maden name Brunst, was born on October 24th, AD 1872, in Pottsgrove Tp...Baptized by Rev'd.DK Kepuer (sp?). Sponsors Sarah Levengood, the Grandmother.
Georgianna Levengood, Daughter of Jesse Binder and his wife Eliza J. maiden name Lenhart, was born on November 2nd A.D. 1873 in Boyertown Bo.Berks Co. Penna. Baptized by Rev'd L Groh Sponsors The parents and Confirmed in Trinity Reformed Church, Pottstown on April 12th 1895 by Revd LK Evans. Married April 16th 1895.

The very last pages are for photos and reads "Family Portraits". There is one page to hold two large photos(one in front and one in back) and then a page that would hold 8 smaller ones (four on each side). There are two smaller photos: a small cardboard backed one of a girl, and opposite a photograph on metal (tintype?) of a boy.

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