Thursday, April 29, 2004

BOWMAN & HORS Family Bible, Vermont & New York

This is from a Civil War Era Bible, printed on the eve of the outbreak of war in 1859. The bible appears to have belonged to the Bowman and Hors family.

On one of the first pages the owner signed their name – Charlotte Bowman – and the date – March 23, 1862. Under that it says S.V.R. Hors, 1880.

The Family Record also has much information filled in:


Joseph Bowman was married to Charlotte Hors, Dec. 30, 1849

Ellenor Hors was married to Royal Stephens, January 1, 1845

Sarah Ann Hors was married to Gilbert Vandenburgh Dec. 31, 1843

Stephen Hors was married to Mahala Kirby January 2, 1845


Stephen Hors Fishson was born June 4, 1825

Sarah Ann Hors was born February 12, 1827

Ellenor B. Hors was born February 14, 1831

Charlotte Wilcox was born July 30, 1806


Joseph H. Bowman died April 26, 1859

Julia Ann Bowman died September 21, 1863

Brian's Research:

Found in NY GENESEE CO. LE ROY 1860 census

Salsbery, Royal 71, farmer, b Vermont

Salsbery, Ellenor 68, b New York

next door:

Wilkins, Preston? 47, farmer

Stephens, Royal, 39 b NY farmhand

Stephens, Arlent? , 36 b NY

Stephens, Auston? , 2 (male) b NY

Found in NY GENESEE PAVILION 1870 census, Stafford Post Office


Antoinetta, 42
Burton, 12

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