Friday, January 22, 2010

Wilson Family Bible

Four pages of extensive family records were recorded in the Bible covering 1798 - 1954 of five generations of Wilson, Durrell, Siebern, Connor, Campbell, and other families from State of Ohio and other places.


John Wilson and Mary B Clark 1824 (Jan. 8th)

Samuel Wilson and Elizabeth Ann White 1835 (Jan. 11th)

Elizabeth Wilson and William Durrell 1853 (March 23rd)

Grietta P Durrell and John W Siebern 1880 (Oct. 26th)

Arista Durrell and Edrion S Miller 1888 (Sep. 24th)

Blanche Wilson Durrell and Alexander Connor 1894 (Nov. 8th)

Fay Elizabeth Sieber and William Campbell 1914 (Jan. 3rd)

Siebern Campbell and Harriet Craig Woods 1947 (April 16th)

John Wilson 1798 (Dec. 25th)

Mary B Wilson 1803 (Dec. 27th)

Samuel Wilson 1811 (Oct. 2nd)

William Durrell 1828 (Dec. 20th)

Jacob Wilson 1835 (Nov. 9th)

Elizabeth Ann Wilson 1837 (Feb. 11th)

Marry Elizabeth 1854 (June 10th)

Grietta Phillips 1858 (Aug. 9th)

Arista Wilson 1865 (Nov. 24th)

Blanche Wilson 1868 (May 1st)

Fay Elizabeth Seibern 1886 (May 13th)

William Durrell 1894 (Nov. 24th)

Elizabeth Wilson Miller 1895 (May 13th)

Blanche Durrell Connor 1895 (Sept 29th)

Margaret Connor 1898 (June 30th)

Alexander Carson Connor 1900 (Sept 22nd)

John Campbell 1916 (June 14th)

John Ledyard Campbell 1948

Natalie Campbell 1951

Carolyn Craig Campbell 1954

Cynthia Campbell 1954

Jacob Wilson 1837 (Oct. 26th)

Samuel Wilson 1849 (June 24th)

John Wilson 1854 (Jan. 11th)

Mary B Wilson 1865 (Oct. 30th)

Annie B Durrell 1876 (Dec. 7th)

William Durrell 1886 (Sept. 20th)

Blanche Connor 1906 (Oct. 26th)

Margaret Connor Jones 1920 (Feb. 16th)

Elizabeth Durrell 1921 (Feb. 16th)

Grietta Durrell Siebern 1948 (Jan. 21st)

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