Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Will and Belle Hiteshue Family Bible

The Family Bible of Will and Belle Hiteshue is up for sale on Ebay. On the inside of the front cover it states that it was presented to Will and Belle Hiteshue, November 28, 1893. There are several births and deaths documented. There is a marriage certificate that was left in the Bible. There is a variety of funeral cards with names like Kopp and Line. Also, there is a document from the Order of the Eastern Star for Robert Hiteshoe acknowledging his membership in a church. Also a funeral instruction document for Ella Elizabeth Kopp, born 1883, documenting her funeral wishes as to casket selection, vault, clothing style and color, music, and cost. There is a picture of an elderly couple sitting in a house reading the newspaper is in the Bible. Various newspaper clippings of obituaries and articles of a fatal car accident involving Roy Line of Middletown, Ohio, along with a military photo of him.

Ebay Item number:290362637424