Thursday, December 18, 2008

Porter Family Bible

The Improved Domestic Bible. Belonging to one family, The Porters,William Porter,Mary Jane Steer Married in Toronto March 9, 1869, Births; William Richard Porter,Lindsay Victoria Co. Onterio April 10 AD 1871

Charles Porter, Plymouth England, Sept 3 AD 1873

Fredarick Alfred Porter, Lindsay Victoria County Ontario, April 12 AD 1876

Hetta Rosaline Porter, Toronto Canada, Jan. 1 AD 1879

Deaths; Hard to read? Wm R. d Porter Chicago Ill. July 11, 1881 Aged 10 years 3 mo. Birth not listed but does say Beloved Son. Complete with old family Photos, Negatives, Hand made Embroidered Book Marks. Registers are filled in at the beginning with complete Marriage Liscense in full color.

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