Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taylor, Marll, Lawrence Family Bible

I found this great old Family Bible up for sale on Ebay Item number: 220295858759. The front cover of the bible has the initials........ E.P.R. TAYLOR

One page is from another bible entirely. It is in rough shape, missing pieces and tape; yet contains some wonderful old birth and death dates on Rebecca's side of the family. On this page....the loose page

The first is Joseph Marll/ Marl or MARLE (as the name seems to have been used in at least these forms) His death is recorded as 1807 age 58 so his birthdate would be 1749 ish.

Elizabeth MARLL the wife of Joseph MARLL deparated this Life the 27th of July at half past 1 oclock 1793.

Then there is a list of all the children.

John their eldest son born the 16th of.......................
Rebecca (our heroine) the eldest daughter born Oct 13th.....................(1780)
David the second son
Elizabeth their second daughter
Hannah their third daughter....

Then in the Bible......4 pages (sides) family records

Rebecca MARLL and William LAWRENCE was married on the 5th day of July 1803 in the 23rd year of his life.

William Wanton LAWRENCE, son of William and Rebecca Lawrence was born on the 19th day of Nov1803

William LAWRENCE was supposed to have been lost at sea sometime in Aug 1803 age 23 years 8 months

Evan Phillips TAYLOR and Rebecca LAWRENCE were married 16 Feb 1813
Then a list of their children follows.

If you are interested in this Bible just follow one of the links on this blog to Ebay.