Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chenoweth Family Bible

The Chenoweth Family Bible is up on Ebay Item number: 330221570573. The Bible has three page of Family register were nicely filled covering births, marriages, and deaths of Chenoweth Family from 1844 to 1955. A few details are selected below [there might be some variations on the name spellings]:


A.M. Chenoweth and Nancy J Chenoweth was married on March 9th, 1865


A.M Chenoweth 1844 (Nov. 10th)

Nancy J Chenoweth 1841 (Dec. 20th)

Mary E[llen] Chenoweth 1866 (Aug. 16th)

Rebecca A Chenoweth 1869 (Jun. 29th)


Nancy J Chenoweth 1896 (Nov. 2nd)

Rebecca A Chenoweth 1899 (Mar. 29th)

A.M. Chenoweth 1915 (Oct. 15th)

Mary Ellen Thomas 1955 (Nov. 3rd)