Tuesday, August 21, 2007

1855 Bible Comrie Family Genealogy

Old 1855 Cottage Bible Comrie Family Genealogy

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End time: Aug-26-07

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1866 Presbyterian letter Fenian Stirling tracts

1855 The Cottage Bible, and Family Expositor: containing the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, with pratical expositions and explanatory notes; by Thomas Williams. c/w references and marginal readings of the Polyglott Bible together with original notes, and selections from Bagster's Comprehensive Bible. Edited by Rev. William Patton. Hartford. Published by Case, Tiffany, & Company. Hard cover, leather, 1,440 pages.

Peter and Jane Comrie Genealogy. Two pages, one listing births and one listing deaths.

c/w A letter explaining the how the bible was passed on c/w other information.

c/w PASTORAL LETTER to the members and adherents of the Presbyterian Church of Canada in connection with the Church of Scotland. W. Snodgrass Moderator, Kingston, 30th June, 1866. The letter refers to the Fenian attack at Ridgeway in June of 1866 and the meeting of the Synod in Toronto shortly there after.