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This Bible was found in the attic at Dummerston, Vermont church March 2007.

I am transcribing the Vital Records found in the pages between the Old & New Testaments as well as obituaries found loose or pasted in to the book.

Please feel free to post to any list or website where you think it would
be helpful. If a descendant wants this Bible they should contact me at and I will see they get it. Thank you, Ruth

The American Bible Society, New York 1837

James DRENAN and Clarissa BILL were joined in marriage Oct. 23rd 1834


James DRENAN born County of Antrim Ireland Jan. 12, 1806.
Clarissa BILL born Woodbury, Vermont Sept 3rd 1814.

Their Children

  • Lucy Ellen born June 26th 1838

  • John Silas born March 22nd 1840

  • Annette Born June 11th 1842

  • Jocephine the 9th of May 1844

  • James Franklin Feb 17th 1846

  • Ryland Fletcher Aug 17th 1847

One death had been recorded but is thoroughly blotted out. Transcribed by Ruth Barton, 11 March 2007. Her comments in ( )

Obituaries were found inserted in the bible for the following individuals. I will add the complete obituaries for each so be sure to come back to read them

~ Major J. S. DRENAN born 1840

~ WARNER S. DRENAN born 1864

~ James DRENAN age 42

~ Jennie S. HASKELL,daughter of Patrick and Clarissa LILLEY of Woodbury, Vermont, died in New Hampshire aged 36 years, 5 months and 4 days.

~ Josie L. BATCHELDER Died in Hardwick, Vermont., November 13, 1881 aged forty-five years, six months and four days. Mrs. BATCHELDER was born in Woodbury, Vermont., daughter of the late James and Clarissa DRENAN