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Vermont BIBLE with Hyde genealogy 1812

Vermont BIBLE with Hyde family genealogy 1812

Owner label on front pastedown endpaper:

June 1st 1813
Information on FAMILY RECORD pages:

Silas & Philura Hyde
Married July 9, 1810

Silus Hyde born July 3rd. A.D. 1788
Philura Hyde born Dec/ 15th, A.D. 1787
Christopher Columbus Hyde born Dec. 18th, 1811
Delia Hyde born March 6th 1813
Marquis De Salvo Hyde born Dec. 28th, 1815
Emmett Winchester Hyde born July 12th, 1817
Ovid Allen Hyde born May 10th, 1819

Delia Hyde died March 17th, 1813
Silas Hyde died April 18th, 1851
Marquis De Salvo Hyde died August 24th, 1861
Christopher Columbus Hyde died 30 October 1863
Philura Hyde died October 11th, 1870
Emmett Winchester Hyde died October 28th, 1890
Ovid Allen Hyde Sept. 1913

Manuscript on first rear flyleaf:

Genealogy of the Hyde family on Mother's side

Jonathan Hyde came from England about 1639
Jonathan Hyde Jr. was born Feb 1st 1655
James Hyde son of Jonathan Jr. born in Newton Mass, April 20th 1688
Jabez Hyde son of James Hyde born May 22d 1716
Jabez Hyde Jr. (our Grandfather) on Mothers side) was born in 1750
He was married to Elzabeth Glazier Jan 25th 1770
our Grandmother died in Nov 1829
" Grandfather " " March 1832
They had eight children that lived to adult age
Eunice born July 26 1770
James " Jan 25 1773
Samuel April 16th 1775
Persis Oct 12th 1777
Paul Jan 13th 1780
Polly Sept 3d 1782
Henry May 15 1785
Philura Dec 15th 1787
Jabez Jr. Feb 10th 1792

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