Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cropsey Family Bible, New York City, 1838

166 year old family Bible at belonged to Mrs. Henrietta Marsh Cropsey of Clarkstown and Nanuet, Rockland County, New York.

It was published about 1838 by Kimber and Sharpless of Philadelphia. On one of the front blank pages it is incribed to Henrietta Eugenia Cropsey by her sister, Catharine Marsh and dated July 14th 1838, city of New York.

There is a later inscription on the same page "Marsh S. Cropsey from his mohter, January 1st, 1881." As Henrietta died later that year it is likely she intended to pass the Bible on to her youngest son Marsh Sanxter Cropsey, before she died.

On the inside of the front cover someone has pasted a clipping titled "Strange Bible Facts." There is a family register containing births, marriages and deaths.


~ James Marsh, son of James & Henrietta Eugenia Cropsey born 20 April 1837
~ Henry Eugene, son of James & Henrietta Eugenia Cropsey born 5 June 1840 at 1 o'clock, 26 Rutgins Street, City of New York
~ Marsh Lancester, son of James & Henrietta Eugenia Cropsey born 19 April 1849, No. 7 Laight Street, City of New York
~ Mary Catharine, daughter of Henry Eugene & Eugenia Cropsey born 26 [?] 1864, City of New York

Henrietta was married to James Cropsey and had three children. The first died in infancy and the second lived to be in his early forties but apparently never married. Marsh Sanxter [Lancaster?] Cropsey remained in Rockland County, New York and married. A Carrie Cropsey never married and died in Rockland County in 1974 at the age of 92. There was also a Wallace Cropsey.

When Henrietta's husband James died in 1895 someone entered his death date and stated "A good parent and a kind and affectionate husband and honest and Godfearing and loving man".

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