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published on Family Bibles with permission of the transcriber

This is from the Bible of the Mathew Michie Lacy Family

Front of the Family Records pages:

Matthew Lacy Jr was married to his wife Sophia (Michie) the 3rd of April, 1817 Mathew Michie Lacy was married to his wife Emily A McNeill the 6th of August 1856

NOTE: I found the family on Ancestry One World Tree.
Matthew W Lacy Born: 12 Mar 1833 Tennessee, Died: Waterford, Mississippi

Emily Ann Mc Neill Born: 12 Mar 1833 in Moore, North Carolina Died: 19 Sep 1912 in Corsicana, Texas,

Marriage: 6 Aug 1856 in North Carolina

Matthew Lacy Jr. was born August 22nd 1782
Sophia (Michie) Lacy was born May 15, 1795
Mary Lacy daughter of M & S was born Febr.y 15th 1818
Susanna Lacy was born Feb. 15th 1820
Elizabeth Lacy was born June 17th 1822
Diana Lacy was born June 7th, 1824
Charlotte Lacy was born Jan.y 6th, 1827
Caroline Lacy was born June 11th, 1829
John Michie Lacy was born March 22, 1831
Mathew Michie Lacy was born Jan 12th 1833
Sophia( ^M in superscript the initial M) Lacy was born March 8th 1835
Robert Alexander Lacy was born 19th Jan y 1838

There may be one or two others but they are unreadable in pencil
Next page is Children of Lacy M and E. A. [This page is very badly damaged and only some of the children are legible.]

Holmes Lacy was born May 5th 1852
Julia McNeill Lacy (tear) novembe.. (1862)

Sophia Michie Lacy was born March 4th 1859
?- - Lacy was born Sept 17th 1865 (possibly this is Miss Tommie)

Daniel McNeill Lacy was born Nov 13th 1867
Cora Lacy was born October 10th 1872*(written in pencil in a hand that looks like my mothers-but isn't) (Glen G barely legible) Lacy was born Aug 5th 1878*

Diana Lacy died 5 Oct 1838
John Michie Lacy Sept 5 1831
Sophia M Lacy 6 Aug 1843
(a tear occurs and on top it reads Thomas Jan 1st, 1868
Emily Lacy died Sept 19, 1912
M.M. Lacy Jr died Nov 29th, 1901
Robert Alexander Lacy died 14 Oct 1838
Mathew Michie Lacy Senr died Dec 17th 1887
M M Lacy Jnr died Nov 29 1901

On the map of the Biblical world are written all up and down the initials M. M. Lacy and dates; 6/30/89 (looks like a lady's hand in lovely writing) May 13 188(5 or 8) different hand 5-26-89 " 5-26-90

(And about a dozen more, is this the date they finished reading it again?)

Also included in the Bible:

Below is a clipping from a newspaper on a back page.
Sophia Michie, infant daughter of M. M. and Emily a. Lacy,was born March 4, 1859 and died June 24, 1869.

It was hard for doating parents to give up an only daughter,but they bowed with true Christian Submission, and surrendered their darling Sophia into the hands of Him who
said, "Suffer little children to come unto me."

"His words the happy parents hear, and shout with joy divine, 'O, Saviour, all we have and are Shall be for ever thine"

Memphis papers please copy