Tuesday, October 19, 2004

1845 BERRESFORD Family Bible

This is a family Bible, printed in New York, in 1845, by the American Bible Society. This Bible was carried to Kirkland Ohio, and a family member wrote the following account in the blank pages at the front of the Bible:

The following is an exact transcription from the bible. Spelling has been kept as the bible's owner had it. My notes are inside square brackets [ ]

Josiah Berresford Born 1757 in Brighton England He married Ruthann Schmidt 1775 in Berkes Co they removed to Albany.

The children were Nellie, Joshua, (Ellie Mae?), Samuel, Rufus and Cecil who died Nellie died from (consumption?) and newmonea [pneumonia]

Joshua married Annie Rawson (or Rauson?) and they removed to the W. Reserve on the packet boat along with Rufus who was a bachelor.

Rufus did find Maud Murry (or Nurry?) who came from Ireland Their children were Lexington, Samuel and Carrie.

Lexington was bourne in 1793, Samuel in 1794 and the girl follered (Sp) in 1796 They all lived in Kirkland Wilderness.

There was a cumotion (Sp) in Kirkland from the Bretish (Sp) (comin) back. Some cabins werl [were] burned by the indians. Kirkland Co. was not a piece of the Statse [States] than so they didn't send the Army out. The Bretish use the indians instead of getting the soldiers kilt .

Carrie was my granny ad [and] she married George Browne and wee [we] moved out to a place nearc the big lake. My father was a hoular [hauler] along the shore. Mother made the best pies and solde some to the others in the peresh [parrish?]. We all live from the Kirkland Wilderness to the Big Lake Allthou [although] Lexington went back to Berkes Co.

Just now expecting my first baby coning soon. Randolph is a goode husband He workes harder than any I know. The indians are calm now (and) they may (stay) so. Corn comen up goode.

Folded up inside the Bible was a sheet of "Register of Births". It reads:

Adam Berresford born July 26th 1844
Mary Ann January 15th 1846
Sarah Ann March 20 1868
Mary Elizabeth February 18 1870
Mary Martha December 17 1816?
Sarah Ann November 18 1858
Jakey (?) February 6 1849
Elizer Jane 8 1872
Hannah Elizabeth December 18 1876
John June 14 1878
Harriet July 25 1880
Hannah(?) June 29 1874
Minnie May Smith Sept 17 1900
John A. Berresford Dec 17 1939

On the other side of this record it says, under "Register of Marriages"

Adam and Mary Ann Berresford March 12 1866

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