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This Bible is dated 1830, and there are 4 pages of family records, all pictured below. There were also a sheets of paper inside the Bible with family history. Earle Rinker made an update in 1952, stating the what info was. Earle's mother's maiden name was Mary Isadore Rinker, maiden name Fenwick. There are a bunch of births listed, from 1802 to 1850. There are also a bunch of deaths listed, from 1839 to 1906. This appears mostly be Fenwick family, sometimes spelled Finwick. Some of it is easy to read, some of it is not. The same is true with the sheets of paper. Although the one sheet is actually typed out and dated 1903. This sheet has the born dates for 13 Fenwicks, such as Elizabeth in 1807 and Abigail in 1834. There are also some writte notes next to them, such as Nancy dying at 17 and some mention of Tabitha disappearing.

There is also two sheets with letterhead advertising S.C. Rinker - Breeder of English Berkshire Swine, Langshans and Light-Brahmas. They were located in Daleville, Indiana. S.C. was for Samuel Cleveland, and he married Mary. So, Samuel was Earle's father. A bunch of Rinker birth dates are written on one of the sheets, such as Vivian Rinker in 1885. There is also a very early sheet with more Fenwick births.

Unreadable faded entries of marriage
William Fenwick and my wife Susanna was married jan. 14 1860

Note: Sept. 3, 1952 [different hand]: After my mother lost part of her sight she attempted to trace over date of Wm. and Mary Gilbert Fenwick marriage, see left, The line above "Oct. 1832" reads as follows " of Jan. in 1832". The writing was badly faded and my mother Mary Isadore Fenwick Rinker attempted to copy over the original but made mistake. She was d/o Cary Fenwick and granddaughter of Wm and Mary Fenwick.

William Fenwick born July 23, 1803
Mary my wife born 13 day xx, 1802
Cary Fenwick born 3 day of Jan? 1833
Harry Fenwick born 1834
can't read next entry
Sheldon? Milton? Fenwick May 1839
Miles Fenwick July 3, 1840
Madison Fenwick 14 June 1842
George Fenwick (next few lines xxed out - looks like "born March 6, 1849") born September 1850
Next page: Samuel Gilbert born Oct. 4, 1804
Abigal [sic] Fenwick born 25 Nov. 1812
Stephen Fenwick Sept. 19, 1885


A. Giles? Abigal? Fenwick died Oct. 20, 1814?
William Fenwick died Aug. 1 1855?1885?
Miles?? Fenwick died May 6, 1886 [illegible] Shreve Port Louisiana
Hary [sic] Fenwick died age 18, 1916
more deaths right hand column, hard to read

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