Thursday, January 15, 2004

FORD - LYMAN Family Bible, Ohio

Initially belonged to Ford Family from Cleveland, Ohio: Inside the front cover is the gilt leather bookplate of "FORD. O.D.F. 1876 E.C.F.", where O.D.F. is related to Orville D.Ford and E.C.F. - to Elizabeth C.Ford (nee Maxwell).
Birth Records:

Lewis Ford - born 2/20/1806
, Christia B. Lyman - b. 5/7/1805,
Orville D.Ford - b. 10/2/1845,
Elizabeth C. Maxwell - b. 4/27/1838,
Lyman Albert Ford - b. 1/20/1867,
Florence Edith Ford - 12/4/1870,
Flora Addie Ford - b. 12/4/1870.

Marriages Records:

Lewis Ford married to Christia B. Lyman 9/11/1832,

Orville D. Ford married to Elizabeth C. Maxwell 12/5/1865.

Deaths: Christia B. Lyman Ford died 7/20/1864,

Orville D. Ford d. 10/6/1879,

Flora Addie Ford d. 12/14/1880,

Florence Edith Ford d. 12/22/1880.

Stored in the Bible is also a tender and pathetic letter in poem form written on a cut blue paper by 8 1/2 years old daughter to her mother:

"To Mrs. O. D. Ford.
21 26 E uclid Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland July 6, 1879

Dear Mother;

You are as sweet as honey; and
papa is as sweet as clover;
Lyman is as sweet as white clover;
And Addie is sweet as red clover;
But I am as sweet as the bird
That flys in the air.

Good by Mother:

from your child.

good by; E. F. Ford"

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